Perfect 10 Bars

by | May 18, 2018 | Food & Wine

Spring in the nutrition world is a very busy season. The warmer weather brings out the aesthetic and the functional clients alike. Some seek a professional’s guidance, so they can look their best-hello summer! While others experience the common allergens of Spring and seek guidance to feel their best. Although programs are entirely personalized, one thing is for sure; my goal is to always increase nutrients in every client’s diet. With busy schedules and faster fast food, it’s safe to say most people are over fed and under nourished. Superfoods are foods that pack in extra nutrients (think; chia seeds, flax seeds, etc). But healthy food is only healthy if you actually eat it. Here is a delicious way to incorporate superfoods and keep you fueled for your day, all while reaching your goals! Added bonus these are a huge hit with kids! On busy days I snack on these bars between clients and school pick up and they give me the energy I need. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

• 1 cup raw or cooked/cooled quinoa
• 1 cup oats
• ¼ cup chia seeds
• ¼ cup sesame seeds
• ¼ cup ground flax seeds
• ½ cup raw sliced almonds
• ½ cup raw walnut pieces
• ½ cup dried fruit (cherries or cranberries work well)
• ½ cup peanut butter
• ½ cup almond butter
• ¼ cup honey, agave, maple syrup, or Date paste
(pureed dates for higher fiber and overall nutrients)
• Optional : ½ cup 70% Dark Chocolate Chips

1) In a large bowl mix both nut butters and sweetener well (honey, agave, maple syrup or date paste)
2) In another bowl mix all remaining ingredients (except chocolate chips)
3) Slowly add dry ingredients into wet ingredient bowl and mix well
4) Spread in a 9x13 freezer safe pan
5) Freeze overnight or at least 6 hours
6) Remove from freezer
7) Melt Dark chocolate over low heat in a small sauce pan on the stove
8) Drizzle melted dark chocolate in a zig zag pattern over the bars
9) Place in freezer for an additional 30 minutes-1 hour for chocolate to harden
10) Cut into 2x2 inch squares (or simply cut into a jagged pattern and use as a granola type crumble)
11) Store in freezer
12) Enjoy

photos by Trina Harris Photography