Sara Rowe the Natural Born Star!

by | May 18, 2018 | Closeup

Sara Rowe is a multi-talented actress, host, singer, musician, comedian, and dancer.  At only 14 years old she is going after her goals with determination and letting her many talents take her to extraordinary heights. Sara personifies the phrase ” Natural-born talent”, from an early age performing and entertaining was organic to her. “ When I was growing up my parents noticed that I was always singing and dancing around the house, my dad thought ‘hey there’s something here’ and he came across a local adaptation of Toy Story and I auditioned for a part and got it,” Sara shared. Since her first acting gig at seven years old, she has gone on to play guest starring roles in several television series such as Grey’s Anatomy and has been the host or appeared on many promos and trailers for large production companies like DreamWorks and Disney.
At a very young age Rowe began her singing and acting career in Operas and plays. She starred in such roles as Cosette in Les Misérables and in the Opera “Carmen”. This truly dynamic young person has such an old soul her mature demeanor and well-spoken abilities have led her to hosting interviews at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. Sara is a strong believer in resiliency and has embodied this principle in her career. Her young age and mature personality has worked against her in the industry because a lot of roles are set for older individuals who can work more hours and have a very child-like manner. “So many times I’ve been rejected on auditions and stuff and being young I’d get discouraged but I pull together and believe in myself and look at it as an opportunity to get better.”
With such a demanding schedule of making herself better and honing her various gifts, Sara receives a lot of support from her family. Her Mom, Farima, and “Dadager” (dad and manager) Daren are always there to lend their daughter a hand. “They have found balance in their own work and helping me full-time.” With such an amazing kid, they work hard to provide the best life they can for Sara and her older brother Ryan. “My wife and I do our best to keep our children normal, real and grounded,” Daren shared. And they have done such a great job with that. When speaking to Sara you get the feel you are speaking with a seasoned professional who has wisdom well beyond her years. Although young, Sara presents herself as a seasoned professional and her advice to other artist is, “People are going to tell you no…people are going to tell you you’re not good enough, you have to believe in yourself, the more work you put into it the more you love what you’re doing eventually it pays off”.
Drawing inspiration from stars like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, The Beatles and Alicia Keys, Sara is moving forward in her career as an actress, singer and song writer. “I am inspired by how hard they work and what they have done to get to where they are,” says Sara. So what’s next for Sara Rowe? Her plans are to finish high school and hopefully attend the USC School of Cinematic Arts with aspirations to become a producer or screen writer. However, she will continue with her singing and acting career. This super creative, grounded and compassionate individual has a bright future ahead of her and we look forward to seeing the great things that are to come from Sara Rowe.
To see what this young person can do checkout her videos on her website, or follow Sara on her various social media pages: Instagram: @SaraRoweOfficial, Twitter: @SaraRoweRocks, YouTube: Sara Rowe, Facebook:

Look out for Sara Rowe as the voice of Bilfickle Bee in the upcoming animated adventure series of Ernest Hummingbird, a heartwarming story of determination and going against all odds to live out a young bird’s dream as a singer. Created by KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer and David Feiss (creator Cow and Chicken) with narration by Darius Rucker and vocals by Sara and local phenom Sara Niemietz, the book and app for this coming of age story are available now on and app stores. Sara will be the creator and host of a new channel called “Ernest TV” and will be headlining live booksigning/performance events throughout SoCal (just had one in Valencia in March) with the Ernest team. Full animated series in the works!



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