A Message from the Associate Publisher Alexander Hafizi – Aug/Sept 2018

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Associate Publisher

 As we begin to wind down with summer, we welcome the much-needed cool down of fall. Our team at élite Magazine is thrilled to share some interesting stories about some dynamic people, businesses and non-profits in this issue. Our August/September edition is another product of our fabulous advertisers, to which we owe everything. We are starting this issue off strong with our cover, actor Joe Nieves. Joe’s resume is as impressive as he is. We got an exclusive interview where he shares how being a dad on and off screen has its benefits. Read all about him on page 8. Another equally impressive Close Up comes in the form of an absolutely gorgeous and fiery beauty, Jessica Stone, who has been working in show business since she could walk. Now, she helps teach her passion to children in our community. Read her inspiring story page 57. Our issue could not be complete without highlighting music. In this issue we feature the story of a world renowned pianist who enjoys sharing his gift with the masses, see page 58 to learn about Robert Thies. Our publications always include space to shed light on dedicated people and missions of our local non-profits. Check out this editions non-profit Spotlight, as they are truly on a Diverse Journey. Read more on page 30.
élite Magazine is all about the love, and we are fortunate to have some of our very own power couples share their story with us. First, we have a couple who has pretty much framed every award, family photo and diploma in the Santa Clarita Valley for the past several decades. Read their story on page 66. We also feature a couple that have moved oceans together and have brought the tastes from the Middle East to our valley. Check out their journey on page 68. There is so much to celebrate in these next few months and we are showcasing some spectacular events our community has to offer. Starting with our Looking Back. The second high school built in the Santa Clarita Valley is celebrating 50 years and throwing a huge event in September, read all the details on page 41. élite Magazine is proud to announce that our 8th annual SCV’s Dancing With our Stars is back and we have some exciting things in store for all the beautiful people coming out to support our event. See page 10 for more information.
And we are not done there… we have so much more for our readers to enjoy. Check out page 24, where you will find an exciting recipe that is delicious and healthy! This issue also marks our second of A Focus on First Responders and we feature some amazing young people who are striving to be the next generation of law enforcement; they bring a whole new meaning to the word Explorer (See page 12)! If you’re looking for a place to get away this issue’s Great Escape is a one stop shop for fun and relaxation, see page 64. Another must see is the lovely Sand Canyon estate on page 42. You will absolutely love the kitchen!
Bridal is back! August/September includes our semi-annual bridal magazine, also published in February/March, where we pull together some of the most vital information to help every bride-to-be. Start with the wedding ring, then move onto “how to create the proper invitations”, but don’t fret, we have all the information you need, starting on page 80. Wondering what it takes to keep a marriage going? It can vary for all, but we are greatly honored to congratulate Tony and Rozy Taban on 25 years of marriage. See the entire family celebrate the Taban’s on page 69. We hope you enjoy reading our magazine as much as we did creating it.
Until the next issue,
Alexander Hafizi