Giving A Voice to the Voiceless

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Spotlight

 Diverse Journeys offers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the option of a place to reside, employment opportunities and most importantly a community filled with love and support.
With so many agencies choosing to improve profit margins over people relationships, Diverse Journeys is a breath of fresh air, whose primary aim is to provide as much joy and fulfillment in the lives of those with disabilities. Diverse Journeys arose when two women became frustrated with the manner agencies would treat those with disabilities and with the maltreatment of the voiceless.
As a nursing assistant where I take care of a young man with autism, I feel immense joy with the knowledge of such a wonderful organization that is selflessly fighting for the rights of those with disabilities.
Laura Broderick, one of the co-founders, found the main rewards Diverse Journeys has provided is the knowledge of providing a safe space for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to be treated with respect and allowed to flourish. As a small company, the staff and the clients have developed genuine relationships with one another building a uniquely large family.
Due to the struggle to earn a decent living wage, it is difficult for people with disabilities to make enough money for necessities let alone have money to spare to buy recreational items. To ease the difficulty of finding a steady occupation, Diverse Journeys have created multiple jobs to allow the members to feel independent and self-sufficient. Currently, the jobs created through Diverse Journeys vary from the realm of culinary arts to cleaning the garden landscape of homes through the job outlet they have termed Urban Edge. This is a job for those men and women who have a history of institutionalization. Urban Edge provides a living wage to give these individuals alleviation from stress so they can refocus their energies onto more positive outlets. One of the main goals Diverse Journeys is aiming towards is creating even more employment opportunities to give their members a wide range of options and freedom. For those of you eager to make a difference in the community, Diverse Journeys is always accepting clothing and furniture to help create the group houses the residents live in feel like a cozy home.
So if you want to see these amazing people in action, mark your calendars for August 24 at 6 p.m. where Diverse Journeys will be showcasing their dance skills at the Dancing with the Stars event hosted through College of the Canyons. The event will consist of residents and staff who will be recreating famous dances based off movies such as “Men in Black” and “Risky Business”. Don’t hesitate to find yourself a date and show your support by planning for a spectacular night. 



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