Going Through Life’s Fast Changes, A Frame at A Time – Randy and Rosemarie Burzynski

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Bridal, Dynamic Couple

 Couples who work together stay together; or at least that rings true for Randy and Rosemarie Burzynski who have worked together ever since they first met 27 years ago. At the time, both worked for corporate franchise Dunkin’ Brands, (Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins) one as an executive and the other in the international division. In fact, it wasn’t until Randy’s boss told him to ask her out that the two’s paths became one and they were married six years later. Now for the past ten years they have owned and operated the nationally known FASTFRAME locally in Valencia.
It was evident early on to Rosemarie that Randy was a very kind family man when what was supposed to be a nice dinner date at the Old Spaghetti Factory went horribly wrong. Their first date was with Randy’s two daughters which went well. However, on their second date Rosemarie’s two-year old son, Chase, came along. Shortly after they were seated, he fell out of his booster seat and spent the entire time in the restaurant crying. They didn’t even get to eat dinner together as they took turns taking Chase outside trying to console him. Rosemarie said “I thought for sure that would be our last date or there was something wrong with him,” she laughed. “I admired what type of father he was and it was clear that family was very important to him.”
Randy’s two daughters live in Redding, California. Randy and Rosemarie have three grandchildren; Dylan, 8, Matthew, 12, and Brody, 20. Brody is currently in the Infantry having served one tour in Afghanistan. Rosemarie’s son Chase still lives here in Valencia with Randy and Rosemarie. Despite having autism, he attends College of the Canyons and is heavily involved in their church. Together, the family has been going to Real Life Church where Randy is a member of the worship team but also plays his guitar and mandolin for other churches in the SCV as well.
They have lived in the same house nestled in Santa Clarita for 25 years. Originally living in South Pasadena, Randy and Rosemarie found themselves spending a lot of time in SCV riding bikes through the Paseos. With appreciation for its small-town feel and recreational trails, it seemed fitting they permanently relocate to a place so family oriented. Over the years this city has seen tremendous growth since the introduction to their framing business in 2008. “Our neighbors and friends are our customers.” “We don’t think of ourselves as a frame store,” Randy said, “but rather a small business focused on customer service.” When asked “where do you see yourself in the next five years”, Randy replied, “Right here serving the community.”
Rosemarie and Randy do everything together, which they admit is the secret to their marriage. From work to play, they are constantly keeping things new and fresh. The undeniable chemistry between the two is ever so present as both life and business partners. “We have the same goals—family and faith,” Randy said about his wife, “There’s no one else I’d rather go through life’s changes with.”