It’s Not All About The Lingerie Feel beautiful with Boudoir by SchlickArt

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Bridal

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “boudoir?”
I’m guessing it has something to do with skimpy lingerie, intimidating black straps and towering stilettos.
Then your second thought is: “That’s pretty, but it’s not really me.”
For most of us, the Victoria Secret version of boudoir just doesn’t feel like our brand of sexy.
“Lacy little pieces of lingerie don’t always make you feel like your best self,” said Lindsay Schlick, co-owner and boudoir photographer at SchlickArt Studios in Valencia. “Sometimes, we feel the most sexy in a big T-shirt and panties — or a leather jacket with nothing underneath. Maybe the right pair of jeans can make you feel like a goddess, or there’s an old jersey that makes your husband go crazy. That’s the kind of sexy that makes boudoir gorgeous and empowering.”
For Lindsay, the beauty of boudoir isn’t only in the final photos, however. The truly gorgeous part of boudoir is the feeling it stirs within you.
“Boudoir isn’t about the lingerie. It’s an experience that lets you create your own definition of sexy,” Lindsay said. “When you’re standing there in your most seductive outfit, with your hair and makeup done up like a movie star, and a glass of champagne in your hand, you can’t stop yourself from feeling gorgeous.”
For many women, that feeling is rare and, therefore, quite meaningful.
“Boudoir can help you feel comfortable in your own skin — and find some self-acceptance,” Lindsay said. “Because your true self is sexier than any piece of lingerie.”
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Photos by Lindsay Schlick