The Science Behind Matters of the Heart with Dr. Shervin Sadrpour

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When you receive your white coat in medical school, you get a sense of pride and accomplishment. There is also a sense of the unknown because of two things: one the copious amounts of information one is going to learn and two; we as humans, have come so far in medicine but there is still a lot that we don’t know.
Dr. Shervin Sadrpour who graduated from medical school in 2001, is a Cardiac Electrophysiologist. Many might ask what does it mean to be a Cardiac Electrophysiologist? Dr. Sadrpour explained this as, “Cardiac Electrophysiology is a subspecialty that deals with abnormal rhythms of the heart.” These highly trained medical professionals are able to talk about the underlying mechanism that causes these conditions: “what is happening in the heart, why is it happening and what we can do to help our patient.“ Dr. Sadrpour continued, “sometimes we can say a lot by studying a paper recording of the electrical activity of the heart [EKGs]. The technology behind EKG is fairly old, but the interpretation, there is no end to how you can look at it”.
Falling in love with this field in medical school Dr. Sadrpour found his passion and began the eight-year journey, after graduating from medical school, to become and electrophysiologist: first becoming an internist, then a cardiologist and finally the last two years of dedicated training in cardiac electrophysiology. “When I was in medical school, I was always fascinated by understanding the inner workings of the heart allowing physicians to come up with different diagnoses and treatments,” he shared.
When posed with the question how were you able to get through the vigorous education and training, he replied, “it takes a lot of sacrifice to become a good doctor, you’d better really like what you are doing,” Dr. Sadrpour continued.
Dr. Sadrpour states cardiac electrophysiology can be a very complex field and one challenge in particular he deals with is making sure his patients and their families understand what is going on “…and not a lot of people can relate or understand it well, it can be difficult to explain the complex procedure in a simple way to patients and sometimes even to the referring physicians”. Another hurdle is the equipment used. “In this field we need fairly extensive and advanced equipment…training the staff and making sure everyone understands the nuances and details can be challenging,” said Dr. Sadrpour.
When Dr. Shervin Sadrpour is not caring for his patients, he is a dedicated father of two little girls, Ayla and Leily as well as a husband. “I have two daughters and my wife, Nooshin, is also a Physician.” When asked how he makes the time he laughed and replied, “we keep it very busy at home, it’s always go, go, go!” He continued, “We take it day by day, but it’s always happening”. Together, the Sadrpour family enjoys music, “my daughters play the piano and the violin and I play the violin myself and we sometimes practice together”.
Dedicated, driven and enjoying what he does, Dr. Sadrpour is very happy to be working within the Santa Clarita Valley and “feels there was/is a great need for what I do here and I feel I am making a great impact. I am very thankful for the opportunities.”

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