How well do you know the Businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley?

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Business

 When I ask most people this question, they typically mention their favorite restaurants and stores. They might go a bit further and share key businesses they frequent, like their dry cleaner, gym, grocery store, or dog groomer.
But the Santa Clarita Valley has a much broader range of businesses that most residents never encounter. These are the manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors that occupy space in the Valencia Industrial Center, Valencia Commerce Center, Centre Point and other business parks across the SCV.
That’s right, the SCV is home to many manufacturers in a whole host of industries. Aerospace, with its long history across Southern California, claims many of them. Companies like Aerospace Dynamics, PPG Aerospace, ITT Aerospace Controls, and Wesco Aircraft are some of the SCV’s largest employers. Many of the suppliers to these companies call the Santa Clarita Valley home, from those that make airplane seats, aircraft nose and landing gear, to the nuts, bolts and valves that go into a plane.
Our strength in manufacturing set the stage for other sectors to set up shop in the SCV. Biotech, one of the fastest growing segments of the national economy, is growing here too. The Santa Clarita Valley is known for innovative medical device companies that are solving critical health issues for patients. Advanced Bionics manufactures a cochlear implant that helps people hear, right here in Santa Clarita! Boston Scientific Neuromodulation offers one medical device that helps people with chronic pain and another that helps alleviate tremors in people with Parkinson’s. These amazing inventions are created right here in our backyard.
Most people know that the Santa Clarita Valley is where many TV shows and movies are filmed. We are conveniently located inside the 30 miles zone and are known as one of the most film-friendly communities in Southern California. The SCV is also home to several movie ranches, where producers can transform the outdoor landscape into whatever locale they imagine for their show. Additionally, there are over 30 soundstages here, with more on the way. It’s no wonder that people in the industry call us Hollywood North.
Next time you are driving near one of our business parks, take a moment to think about what might be going on inside. The next great invention could be under development.
If you want to learn more about the great companies in the Santa Clarita Valley, check out our new podcast, SCV Means Business. In each episode, I interview a leader from a great SCV company to learn what they do and how they make a difference in our community. I am regularly amazed by the innovation, creativity, and dedication of our businesses. I hope you’ll enjoy learning about them through this podcast as much as I have. Visit for more information.
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