Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere, You Just Have To Look For It!

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Spotlight

 It’s easy to give up and say, “ I can’t do it!” when your body limits your abilities; but there are people in this world who, no matter what the circumstance, say, “ yes I can”. Professional NBA star Michael Jordan spoke about these same limits and how they are comparable to fears and “like fears, are often just illusions”. Santa Clarita resident John Lite is helping to shed light on an organization that helps these individuals compete, the Ironman Foundation. Amputees, paraplegics, and other disabled individuals are defying the odds and competing in one of the toughest races known to man. This race is truly a test of perseverance and will, it includes: a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a full marathon which is 26.2 miles all within one day. “It’s one thing to see someone with a disability to try to run, swim or bike, but to see someone to try and do these things all at once is incredible. Not to say all the others are not hard, but to see someone out there for 8 to12 hours and just giving it everything they can, is just something so exceptional to me,” John shared.
John has competed in this event for the past few years and has been inspired by seeing these courageous athletes compete each time. As he prepares for next year’s race, which is set for April of 2019, John has decided to support the Ironman Foundation. John commented, “When I’m training, I think it’s so hard and I can only imagine what so many individuals with disabilities are going through when trying to go out there and be great and work hard. That really inspired me even more.” He added, “Just imagine to having train and do all that in one day, the taxing on your body is just…I mean I trained for this every day and these tremendous athletes are going out there and doing it for themselves”.
Funds that go to this foundation help so many other organizations and this year funds will go to support competitors with disabilities. “Donations are wide ranging. They go out to many other organizations,” John added. He first was inspired at his last race in May. “At my last race in Utah there was an amputee competing too and that was really heart-warming to me. I remember passing him on the trail and was just thinking how hard it must be for him…it was hot. When I had the option to sign up and help with the Ironman Foundation, I signed up,” John continued. John is happy to support cause and we look forward to seeing him through this adventure. John’s goal is to raise at least $1,750 and to date he has raised $225. The Ironman Foundation has donated over $19 million for various causes from building homes to helping pay the medical expenses for their disabled athletes.
To support John and his cause please visit, All donations must be received by May 23, 2019.