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by | Sep 24, 2018 | Spotlight

For many, cooking is an extension of love.
From the person making and preparing the food to those eating and enjoying it, each bite or sip is made from someone’s love and passion for their art. feedSCV is bringing together people who share their love and the food loving nature of the Santa Clarita Valley, in the name of charity.
Since 2015, their mission has been “to provide everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley with the knowledge and resources to have a delicious and healthy meal at home every day.”
Founded by Todd Wilson and Scott Ervin, feedSCV strives to help people in this community to learn how to cook healthier meals. With the SCV’s growing reputation as a place for real fans of great food – “foodies” – bringing a charity like this to the community made sense.
As well-known foodies in the community (they are also founders of the Santa Clarita Foodies groups on Facebook, which boast more than 15,000 members), Todd shared, “we really found an outpouring of support from the community” filling the gap of what was needed. “We have a great food pantry and an up and coming homeless assistance non-profit with Bridge to Home, but there was a gap,” he continued.
Together they have come up with a foundation of knowledge for families in need, on how to take limited resources and create substantial, healthy eats. “We started by teaching people how to make bread at home and we are constantly growing, we’ve started working with a nutritionist and have done classes on sushi and how to make a healthy Thanksgiving meal with James Beard Award winning Chef Kenji Lopez-Alt,” Todd stated.
To add, feedSCV is working to make this a sustainable endeavor for years to come. “One of the challenges of ‘filling the gaps,’ is to develop a regular program, in addition to the things we’re already doing. But a regular program requires a consistent stream of funding. A consistent stream of funding depends on support from the community. So far, we seem to have tapped into that to a certain extent. We’re trying to do that on a more systematic basis,” added Scott Ervin, Co-Founder.
Their endeavors have helped with so many critical causes. For instance, when our community was hit with the Sand Fire back in 2016. “We put out the call and we had $3,000 in donations, instantly, for us to be able to feed people in the shelters.”
This Fall, feedSCV has upped the ante with “a completely new style of event,” said Shauna Criner, advisory board member and Chair of that event, the feedSCV Chef’s Auction. “We are taking some local heavy hitter chefs and auctioning them off for private classes on whatever they are good at,” she added. The feedSCV Chef Auction is on Thursday, October 18th and it includes some of the SCV’s best known chefs, like Dustin Boole and Iris Sifuentes, from The Newhall Refinery and Ignacio Munoz and Kristina Waggoner, from Salt Creek Grille. The event will be hosted at the Sand Canyon Country Club and the fun starts at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the feedSCV website and cost $65.
feedSCV is always looking for volunteers so please visit their website to see how you can be a part of this organization: Also, for sponsorship or donation questions, contact Shauna at

Our Event Participants to Date …

Poonam Parashar who for several years owned and operated Parashar’s Indian Kitchen. As part of her package, she will offer an in-home feast where she is to reveal some of India ‘s best-kept secrets!

Scott Ervin owns and operates Speakeasy Bakery here in SCV. For his auction item, he will offer an in-home bread making course that is sure to get a rise out of you and your guest.

Daniel Otto is the Chef for The Old Town Junction, a new restaurant set to open on Main Street in Newhall. The meal he will be serving will reflect his specialty of modern American Cuisine with some deliciousness infused inside and a hint of mouth-watering goodness.

Michael Parks is a certified, trained Pit Master whose specialty is down home professional bar-b-que. For his auction item, he will be serving a bar-b-que party for 15-20 people.

Eve Bushman has a Level Two Intermediate Certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). Eve’s auction item features a wine etiquette class and tasting in your home.

Josh Phaneuf is a wine and cocktail sommelier with menu creating and marketing for Alchemy. The winning bidder will win a Whiskey experience with dinner.

Not Pictured:
Dustin Boole is the head chef at Newhall Refinery. Chef Dustin will (along with Chef Iris) welcome our winning bidder and their guests into the Cellar Room at Newhall Refinery for a custom made, exclusive and unique tasting preparation.

Eric Tovar-Plummer is the Chef and Owner of Cathy’s Deli. Cathy’s Deli in Newhall brings untraditional hand-made goodness alongside traditional deli breakfast and lunch.

Anibal Hernandez is the Chef at Egg Plantation. He has been serving the community some of his favorites for the past 12 years. Many say he is the magic that is Egg Plantation and nobody can do what he does.

Iris Sifuentes is the pastry chef at Newhall Refinery. Chef Iris will (along with Chef Dustin) welcome our winning bidder and their guests into the Cellar Room at Newhall Refinery for a custom made, exclusive and unique tasting preparation featuring her inspired desserts.

Steve Lemley and Nate Hasper are the owners and wine makers of Pulchella Winery. Steve and Nate will open the winery to our lucky winning bidder and work with them to develop their very own, custom wine blend, from a variety of hand selected barrels by our winemakers.

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