A Bright Future for Parhelion Cellars

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Spotlight

 Starting out on a new adventure alone is always a mixture of fun and a little fear of the unknown, but when you have the support of family, friends, and your four-legged basset hound, the little bit of fear is the farthest thing from your mind. This is the case for the Hasper family who are embarking on a new adventure in wine-making with Parhelion Cellars. The name comes from their love for the beach; a parhelion or sun dog, is a bright spot in the sky on opposite sides of the sun, like a halo (which is usually seen at the beach).
“About 15 years ago I started becoming a wine connoisseur, going to places like Lee’s Liquor…and trying different kinds of wine with my brother [Nate Hasper who is a prominent wine maker here in the Santa Clarita Valley],” said Adam.
Since his brother started in the business some years ago Adam would help in the wine making process, and gained inspiration to branch out with his wife Tracy. “We both wanted to start a small business; doing something for ourselves. The glamour of a winery, and its family oriented feel really appealed to us,” Adam shared. Along with their daughter Rose, the Hasper family has begun creating traditional wine flavors that are both exquisite and tasty.
The Parhelion Team is made of an eclectic mix that works very well together: from the rough and rugged reformed trouble maker [Adam] to sophistication and elegance [Tracy] to their adorable daughter [Rose], and lastly their four-legged companion [Mia]. Adam comes from a very creative background, working in the music industry for the past 19 years, and Tracy works in the justice system. “We wanted to do something for us, and something that we can pass down to our daughter, because I can’t pass down my music experience, I can’t pass down my job, but I can pass down a business.”
What started out as a few bottles has become a larger operation. For some time Parhelion Cellars has been delivering handcrafted wines that showcase flavors from all over California. From the Zinfandel to the Symphony, the Haspers are bringing innovation with BIG flavors. Like their red blend that is Cabernet, Zinfandel and Syrah, which is cleverly named 650 nm (nanometer) which is the wavelength for the color red.
Parhelion Cellars is made right in their home town of Santa Clarita; and, as of March of this year, Parhelion wines are available online and at special events. “We are happy to start a business in a community that we grew up in and do a business to reflect who we are…” To give back to their community they have donated countless bottles of wine to local non-profit events like Circle of Hope’s Vine 2 Wine, which benefits Santa Clarita residence who are struggling with cancer, and WISH Foundation’s Wine on the Roof event, that helps pay for programs not offered by tax dollars in the Hart School District. Most recently, the Hasper team donated tasting to Sunset in the Vineyard; an event that supports the Assistance League Santa Clarita, a non-profit that donates apparel, home goods, food & more to benefit local charities.