Best Friends, Spouses and Business Partners The Flanagans

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Dynamic Couple

It’s one thing to have a spouse, someone you fall in love with and share life’s moments. They are the person you come home to every day, you kiss goodnight and pushes you to be a better person. Then there are the lucky ones who find a best friend within their spouse. This relationship you know each other like the back of your hand. You not only share moments together but you could not imagine being without this person. Every day you get excited to race home and share that day’s shenanigans and have little insider jokes that keep you smiling for years to come. Gina and Greg Flanagan have this exact relationship and have combined their love for each other as husband, wife and best friends into many endeavors from fostering animals to creating Pedal Fest, a summer long racing event for the community.
The Flanagan’s have been married for eight years but have known each other for 10. “We joke that he met me before I met him,” Gina shared. “I met her in 2006 and she doesn’t remember meeting me, I guess I wasn’t very memorable,” Greg jokingly remarked. Since their first date the two have been inseparable. “Our first date was on a Wednesday, our second date was on Friday and we’ve been together ever since,” Greg shared. Greg strategically planned his proposal, and wedding anniversary on the same date as their first date. “Less dates for me to remember,” he jokingly said. Their wedding consisted of about 150 people and like them the wedding showcased both of their personalities. “I walked down the aisle to Tom Petty’s ‘Here comes my girl,” said Gina. Greg is not a tie person so known of his groomsmen had to wear a tie. “We [groomsmen] all wore matching tennis shoes and no tie,” shared Greg. The couple do not have children but the Flanagan household is complete with their “fur-babies”, three boxers the couple rescued. “I volunteer at boxer rescue LA, and all three are from there,” Gina said.
One thing that brings them together as a couple is their active lifestyles. Gina has her own business as a personal trainer, message therapy meal plans, and airbrush tanning and they both share a love for biking. “That has been my lifestyle for a really-long time eating healthy and being fit and we enjoy riding bikes together,” Gina shared. Greg has worked in the construction equipment industry for some time. “I deal with stuff that gets you up in the air like precision lifts and boom lifts, I also deal with a lot of contractors and the film industry” he said. In 2012, they started Pedal Fest, in response to their admiration for biking. “This year we did 10 races. We do five weeks on and four weeks off so we can take a little break because everyone is vacationing,” Gina commented. “When we started hosting the races, I started racing,” she continued. From this, sparked friendly competitions between the two. “We are naturally competitive, we are both Leos,” Gina said. “Some of our best battles are done with our helmets on,” Greg laughed. “Luckily, we are up in the hills where nobody can here, it can get very spirited,” he continued.
For the past 10-years they have built a life together full of laughter, fun and above all love. Through work, “fur-babies”, and the occasional competition, Greg and Gina have found they were made for each other. “We are perfectly matched, I feel we were born to be together,” says Gina. “Uh-huh”, Greg agreed.