Exclusive Sedan Provides Top Service While Keeping a Close Eye on Safety

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Spotlight

When Ron and Jackie Stein started Exclusive Limousine Service in 1980 they began providing top-level luxury transportation services in the greater Los Angeles area. The service was a success, and after rapid expansion they changed the name of the company to Exclusive Sedan Service in 1983. The new name better reflects the broader range of vehicles and transportation options that the company continues to offer. In addition to its Los Angeles hub, the firm now handles the transportation needs of clients in more than 750 cities worldwide.
Ron and Jackie’s son, Brandan, joined the firm in 1998, was promoted to vice president of operations in 2005, and is now CEO and president of Exclusive Sedan Service.
The company continues to grow, and that’s likely due to the personalized service Exclusive Sedan provides to its clients. It’s one factor that sets the company apart from the competition.
“We still operate like a boutique service,” says Brandan Stein. “We provide top-level service to the corporate world while operating like a family business.”
What’s often important to the client is getting the right driver, one who is not only highly knowledgeable of the region of travel, but who can fit other criteria.
“If you need a Mandarin-speaking chauffeur we’ll provide one for you,” says Stein. “We can even subcontract high-level security for clients in need of intensive protection.”
Above all, maintaining high operating standards among their worldwide affiliate partners ensures that quality will be uniformly excellent no matter where in the world a client is traveling.
Exclusive Sedan’s popularity is probably due in large part to its outstanding staff, who will go the extra mile to provide top service. The company’s chauffeurs have personally delivered items accidentally left in the passenger seat. And extra service can sometimes mean finding a cup of hot coffee for a weary executive who’s pressed for time and needs to perk up for an important meeting.
“Whatever you can think of, we do it,” says Stein.
Exclusive Sedan chauffeurs have been known to come to the rescue when an unexpected problem crops up.
One client, a CEO of a prominent firm, was in a bind. He was dressed casually for a flight to an important meeting and had forgotten his dress shoes. He didn’t have time to shop for another pair, so the chauffeur took off his own shoes and lent them to the CEO, saving the day.
In addition to top-level service, overall safety is of paramount importance, and Exclusive Sedan is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest level of protection. In light of the recent limousine accident in New York state that claimed numerous lives, many who plan to hire transportation services are likely thinking more closely about how they as passengers will be protected.
Stein says it’s important that people exercise due diligence before booking a chauffeured transportation service. “Ask for the company’s DOT number, then check the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records system to ensure they are in good standing. Be sure to also ask for a TCP number, and check the California Public Utilities Commission website to see if the company’s licenses are active or have been revoked or suspended. This information will tell you whether or not a company is compliant with both federal and state safety regulations.”
To help further ensure safe travel, additional steps should be taken.
“Check references and reviews to learn more about the type of service quality a company provides. Read reviews from customers they have previously worked with on sites like Yelp and Facebook. Their valuable feedback and insights will give you a glimpse into what you could expect.”
He also recommends that you find out what the process is like for hiring and vetting chauffeurs.
“At Exclusive Sedan Service, for example, all our chauffeurs are fully vetted, insured and required to submit to fingerprinting and exhaustive background checks,” he says. “We also insist on hiring chauffeurs with a minimum of two years prior commercial experience and a completely clean driving record. This ensures that our customers travel with only the safest and most professional chauffeurs.”
After all, when hiring a chauffeured transportation service, your well-being is the most important factor of all, and Exclusive Sedan is the safe and efficient service to choose.
For more information about Exclusive Sedan call them at 818-765-7311 or go to www.exclusivesedan.com.

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