Destination Wedding of Kyle & Maggie-Mae Gaughan

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Bridal

Married: October 20, 2018
Catalina Island, CA
Bride: Maggie-Mae Laufman
Groom: Kyle Gaughan
How They Met: Maggie-Mae and Kyle met at The Tavern in Ventura, California. Kyle’s friends from the miltary base were talking with Maggie-Mae and her friends, but Kyle sat on his own and didn’t join them. Maggie-Mae asked his friends why Kyle didn’t join them … they said “oh that’s Kyle – he doesn’t talk to girls” Maggie-Mae immediately grabbed her drink and walked over to him, knowing he was going to talk to her. Maggie-Mae pretty much cornered him in a bar and forced him to date her. By their third date, Kyle told
Maggie-Mae he was in love with her.
Hashtag: The couples hashtag GaughanToTheChapel was a play on words from the song by The Dixie Cups called the Chapel of Love. Also Kyle’s name is pronounced “Gawn”… but Kyle says “Gaw-Han” because people spell it wrong so much.
Wedding Coordinator: Moments 2 Memories events

Photos by Bryant-Hafizi Photography




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