Relationships Through the Years: What Does Marriage Mean To You?

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Bridal

What is marriage to you? Is it finding your best friend and growing old together? Is it the fairytale wedding, a couple of kids, the house with a white picket fence, and don’t forget about the chocolate lab! Or is it finding that someone that no matter what the problem is, you can figure it out together? We have reached out to local couples that are on different journeys in their marriage or soon to be married and have shared their thoughts on what marriage is like at their current time.

Stephanie Mellady and Justin Wallace
Future Wedding Date:
September 7, 2019
“We are looking forward to many new adventures: from traveling the world to enjoying playtime with our dog, Miller.
We know life will have ups and downs but are excited to take
them on together!”

Taylor and Becca Kellstrom
Married April 6, 2018
Married life for us is pretty much the same. It’s a journey we’ve been fortunate enough to travel on together as each other’s best friend. It has its ups and downs but so far, we’ve learned communication is key. We’ve also continue to push each other to achieving our goals. We look forward for many more year’s together as we grow through life. “

Erin and Troy Hooper
Married May 17, 2014
“Marriage for us, after 4 years is awesome! We often reflect on the many adventures we have had. We work at remaining mindful of what we have today. We work at being present, thoughtful of the others perspective, and accept that we are different people enjoying this journey together.”

Lindsay and Brian Schlick
Married February 26, 2007
“After 10 years of marriage, we are still having as much fun as ever. We communicate more effectively. We rarely have arguments (disagreements? Yes! Arguments, no). We still have fun and love experiencing new things together. There is always room to grow, but we couldn’t be happier with where we are now.”

Matthew Nelson and Angelica Huato-Nelson
Married June 5, 2004
“Having been married 14 years, we have learned that true love requires strength and resolve. Strength to give to each other and of each other. Resolve to push through the disappointments and challenges life throws at us. Through it all; allowing our love to reign supreme.”

Jenny and Tim Ketchapaw
Married June 22, 2003
“Marriage is about communication, friendship, and respect. To us, building a life, creating a family, and growing our love comes down to the way we talk, the fun we have, and how we continue to have each other’s back.  We are best friends and look forward to continuing this amazing
journey together.”

Brian and Lindsay Koegle
Married August 24, 2002
“With three teen/pre-teen daughters, it has become essential to make time for our relationship.  When every aspect of our calendar is planned months in advance, it’s hard to be spontaneous. So, we plan at least one date night per month, and every other year we get away for a ‘mommy and daddy’ vacation, without the kids.”

Sheryl and John Gerarci
Married June 12, 1994
“I would say at 25 years our marriage is in yet another phase. This phase is about living life to the fullest. We are making sure to really enjoy the finer things. We are also putting our priorities on family (especially with our new grand baby). Hopefully blessings of lots of travel in the future for us.”

Jeff and Melanie Meyer
Married October 6, 1990
“We have a happy marriage because we’re together all the time.  We are friends as well as husband and wife. We just have a good time!”

Vanessa and Scott Wilk
Married October 20, 1985
“Marriage changes over the years but your commitment to one another never does. We are a team and we always have each other’s back. “

Naomi and Dennis Young
Married November 7, 1978
“The stars were aligned just right on that faithful blind date. When you find compatibility why wait? Within Six weeks we were married! Trust, support, selflessness and laughter equal true love. Forty years later, it’s even stronger because we’re each other’s best friend. Our four amazing sons are the icing on the wedding cake.”

Joan and Rudy Struyck
Married June 1, 1968
“Having loyalty, trust and mutual respect that we have for each other is what carried us through 50 years of marriage. May God grant us more years of togetherness and happiness.”

Rosa and Angel Morana
Married April 11, 1953
“Marriage is nothing without putting your faith in God first. Be committed to each other and have a lot of patience because things will not always be easy. Communicate and enjoy your family, friends and each other. And you must love for each other every day.”

Harold and Jackie Peterson
Married April 23,1949
“Our love for each other is very deep and we have strong, abiding trust. For us it is very hard for us not to enjoy our time because we have such a big family: four children, nine grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. It helped us to get married young, because it allowed us to grow together. Also going into this marriage we knew it was a very serious, but happy commitment. Most importantly we do not go to bed angry, everyone has an opinion and it does not help to argue over them.”