Strong, Beautiful and Fierce! – Lyauna Augmon

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Cover Story

From Little Miss Santa Clarita to being featured in music videos, Lyauna Augmon is taking on the world and breaking down barriers one photo shoot at a time! Back in 2009 Lyauna was a busy bee, she made headlines for her determination and drive that lead to her competing and winning in two competitions set on the same weekend. Now Little Miss Santa Clarita/ Cheerleading rock star is all grown up and has pursued her career in modeling. Embarking on her modeling career only one year ago she has already been featured in some amazing things like the new Cher music video “SOS” and Nike Cortez campaigns for their remake on the popular shoe style. She is talented, fierce and very mature well beyond her years.
When Lyauna first began modeling she was opposed to it and for good reason, “because of the conflicts in the industries with body image and the way that I heard models are treated,” she shared. However, being a strong individual she feels that” …. you always need to go out and try something for yourself and you just can’t take people’s experiences for it and if you don’t like the way somethings going you can always make a difference and be a part of the way that it changes makingit a better work environment.” So, she sent her head shots to many agencies and was selected for one in New York and to the agency she is signed to now, called Freedom Models which is known for having very well rounded models. With this agency, they made sure that she was not just another pretty girl looking for a hobby. “So, I just said I’m going to go try it myself and if I feel like people are treated wrong or I’m being treated wrong I’m strong enough to where I feel comfortable to stand up and say something.”
For Lyauna she embodies her culture and her own essence. From her big natural hair to the nonchalant approach she takes to style she lives and breathes her ethnic background. “I am very, very proud to be that way… I always wanted to go in the store and see that girl I look like and now it’s finally becoming that way and it’s just nice that I can be that change, that representation that little girls want to look up to. ” Taking inspiration from models like Iman Hammam who demands a strong presence when she’s on the runway and Adut Akech who went from being a refugee from Sudan to being one of the most sought after models in the industry.
On top of pursuing her modeling career, Lyauna is very active in all things woman! She participated in the Los Angeles Women’s March, being a part of feminist clubs, and staying current with what’s going on in the world through social media and other news outlets. As someone that is only 18 years old she is wise beyond her years. “She blows my mind and sometimes she teaches me, I feel like I can’t take credit for what she has accomplished, I got really lucky,” says her mom Gina Stewart.

Photo by Daniel J. Torres • Photo by Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat