An Eclectic Oasis in Sand Canyon

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Million Dollar Home

Driving past horse stables and through the rolling hills of Sand Canyon, one might stumble upon this beautiful traditional home. The house, which sits on a 2.5-acre lot, is valued at more than $1 million. “It is an oasis in the hills,” said current owner.
The current owners have made this their home for 15 years and they are the third owners. “We moved here because it’s a lot quieter. We have a very hectic work schedule so when we come home, this is our little paradise where we can relax and enjoy ourselves.”
Inside its gated community, the house is perched on a cozy hillside overlooking the valley. The driveway is long and luxurious, opening to a Buddha stone garden. “My husband loves Hawaii so I kept that in mind when designing our yard,” which is bordered with palm trees and other greenery including succulents and, in the spring, white and pink roses.
“My dream is to have a wedding back here someday, I just think it would be the perfect place.”
The backyard is complete with a spacious pool and guest house, along with two lawns of turf and a spa with a stone waterfall trickling into the pool. For relaxing, there is a hammock set up poolside and a large gazebo area for sitting and lounging in the sun.
Once inside, you are immediately met with a quaint living room to your left, furnished with antique sofas and chairs, with the walls accented with portraits of family members. Although the husband and wife are the only ones living at the house currently, their two children fill their hallway walls and always have a room to stay in when they come to visit.
The ornate dining room runs parallel to the living room, complete with a grand dining room table and china cabinet. It serves as the ideal place to sit down and enjoy a nice home cooked meal.
The whole house is accented with flameless candles. While having a variety of lighting in your home is essential, adding candles in different styles of holders will create instant atmosphere— and white candles go with everything.
If you continue left across the wooden floors, you will come to the family and game room. This is where the family spends most of their time, so it is their favorite room of the house. There is a chess table set up, imported from Iran. The beautiful set is the centerpiece of the room, with its hand-carved pieces and mosaic board. Elaborate vases are also perched around the room, holding branches and feathers.
The fireplace is dressed in greenery and a sofa is placed in view of the TV. This room is decorated with swords, shields, medieval quilt and two full-armored knights guarding the entrance of the kitchen. “This is a passion of ours, so we decided to do our best to make it look like a castle.”
And on to the kitchen. “When we’re entertaining, everyone is either outside or we’re all in the kitchen.” They also mentioned they had 20 to 30 people in it at one time tasting food and drinking. “We have a good time.” The woman of the house likes to cook, making recipes from different cultures. She enjoys having people over, cooking and entertaining in the same space.
The other half of the house includes the bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. One is designed in a magnificent royal blue and the other is fashioned to resemble a 5-star hotel suite for guest to enjoy.
The master bedroom is all white, flooring and decor, with a draped veil over the bed. The room captures natural light with its open windows and door that leads out to the patio. The master bathroom is his/her friendly with a bathroom, sink, and shower on both sides, shared by a jetted-tub in the middle.
“No matter where you go, there’s no better place than home,” the owners concluded.

photos by Joie de Vivre photographie