Creating Masterpieces—One Design at a Time – BSH Landscape & Hardscape Design

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Spotlight

 Celebrating 30 years of creating masterpieces, BSH Landscape & Hardscape Design invites you to open your doors to vision and artistry. Beautifying Southern California with exquisite designs that create a unique ambience, Master Designer Bruno Hovsepian listens deeply to his clients desires throughout the design process to create a vision that is unique and personalized. For Bruno, his design is a culmination of a lifetime of perfecting his craft, and he carries a deep connection to each project they create at BSH. His vision is shared with his son John Pierr, whom also works for the family-owned business. Together they work with their team and their clients to bring any vision to life. Reserving the right to move things around, and “feel” the space come alive, Bruno takes great pride throughout the entire process, consultation to completion.
“Landscape and Hardscape is more an art than a science. No style is too “out there,” and no taste is too subdued. We can help you achieve the perfect outdoor experience, complete with every nuance you imagine, and attention to detail that’s second to none. At BSH, we help you create not just landscaping & hardscaping, but natural, exquisite art that will take your breath away,” shared Bruno.
Whether you have an idea you are looking to achieve, or are in need of a Master Designer’s eye, BSH Landscape Hardscape is here for you. They can be reached at 661-287-9568 and you can see their exquisite work online at  Celebrating 30 years of Artistry.