Ready, Set….Pedalfest

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Spotlight

The Santa Clarita Community is comprised of many movers and shakers that are always bettering themselves and creating experiences for others to do so as well. One such couple is Gina and Greg Flanagan whose competitive spirit and love for fitness has come together to bring us PedalFest. “This event started out as a conversation between Greg and his friend Kenny Alexander while riding their Mountain Bikes. Greg came home and said, ‘Let’s put on some races!’ And I was totally on board! “

PedalFest is a family friendly, cross-country mountain bike race series that is comprised of a series of races where people from all over come to compete on Thursday Evenings. Greg commented, “One of our favorite parts about the event is the family component. We have had mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and brothers and sisters competing with in the same class.” During each race there are several categories ranging from a six to eight-year-old all girl’s category to a men’s elite and over 60 age group categories “and everything in between,” noted Greg. The first of the series begins on May 9th and ends June 6th. The 3rd Round is Family Night and will include a pushbike race for toddlers, bounce houses and more. Races are held every Thursday night at 5:30 p.m. on Castaic Lake. The course opens at 4:30 for pre-riding.
Since it began in 2013 and with the help of several volunteers, sponsors, and vendors, PedalFest has grown into a large-scale production. “It truly takes a village to put this event on and we owe a huge thank you to all our vendors, sponsors and volunteers,” says Greg. PedalFest also partners with local bike shops to show support for small business in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas. “As cyclists ourselves, we are constantly in and out of all of the local bike shops, and we feel it is important to support them by having them out at our races, which in turn, supports us too!”

With everyone in mind, PedalFest was created to welcome novice bikers at any fitness level to join the fun. “Most of our registrants are not professional racers. Each year we get people out of their comfort zone to try it. We have actually had professional athletes from other sports come out and race too!” Greg stated. Greg has combined his many years of racing motorcycles and bikes accompanied with Gina’s years of fitness experience to create a course that is both fun and intensive. “ Our racing is primarily fitness based there are no jumps nothing technical there’s only fitness and hard work,” he continued. Greg has been racing for the better part of 40 years and Gina, his wife, found her love for the sport after being convinced by Greg to get out there herself and try it out. She finished 3rd in her very first race. “That first race of mine really got by competitive juices flowing and I have been racing all over California since! I literally had no idea how challenging, yet rewarding, racing could be. The friends I have made along the way are also one of the best reasons to get out there”
For six years PedalFest has played an integral role in the Flanagan’s lives, facing a few challenges given their own obligations but they both find it extremely rewarding to see how much everyone really enjoys this event. “ It is most rewarding seeing a diverse group of people coming together to enjoy mountain biking: seeing a 74-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl on the same course at the same time having the same amount of fun,” Greg commented. “We love to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and watching people hug each other after battling each other for 45 minutes! And seeing little kids on the local bike paths with their number plates still on their bikes is pretty cool too!”
For more information on PedalFest please visit the website: Facebook Instagram @racepedalfest