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by | Mar 26, 2019 | Business

With summer just around the corner, your college student will be coming home soon and will (hopefully) begin to search for that perfect summer job. But before she pounds the pavement, you should tell her about
Internships are an important first-step to establishing future career goals, applying knowledge learned in the classroom, and developing leadership skills. Many employers view internships as an extended interview process, and students who complete an internship have a competitive advantage as they begin their search for employment after graduation., powered by the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC), provides resources for students seeking their first job, such as resume writing and interview preparation and follow-up, along with tips for making an internship successful. This is your go-to website if you’re a student looking for a paid internship in the Santa Clarita Valley!
Did you know that the SCV is home to both large and small companies in the aerospace & defense, medical devices/biotech, advanced manufacturing, digital media & entertainment, and tech industries? This affords local students a wide variety of internship opportunities from computer science, finance and engineering to marketing, HR, and design.
Internships can provide huge growth opportunities for students such as:
• Learning more about their field or industry
• Applying knowledge learned in the lab or classroom to hands-on industry experience
• Accumulating evidence of abilities and skills
• Confirming they are on the right path
• Gaining valuable networking contacts
• Receiving mentorship opportunities and obtaining references for future jobs
• Making professional contacts and building relationships with co-workers, clients and supervisors
• Getting their foot in the door at a company with the potential to be hired after graduation
Now is the time for your students to begin the search for summer internships. Give them a little nudge and email them this article, but most importantly, tell them to visit – new internship opportunities are being added each week!
If you are a business owner who plans on having a summer (or school year) internship program, post your paid internships for free on our website. If you have questions about either finding an internship or posting an internship opportunity, please contact us at the SCVEDC. We wish both interns and local companies a productive and successful internship!
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