The Faces of Motherhood

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Spotlight

There are people in our lives that mold us into the person we are today. These people make the “owies” go away, they are the people that shield us from all the bad things in this world and they are our biggest cheerleaders even when the achievement might be minor like tying your shoe lace, or cleaning your room. They are the unsung super heroes that make magic happen despite their own personal struggles. They are perfect to you and you will never meet anyone stronger and more resilient than the one you call Mom, Stepmom or Grandmother. Elizabeth Stone said “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside of your body.” We have reached out to some local ladies who have provided a small insight into their life as one of the many faces of motherhood – we wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Kathy Rutherford
Adoptive Mom
“I’ve come to believe the reason my husband and I couldn’t have biological children is because Kristin needed us.  It was predetermined that we were to be her parents and she, our daughter.  We’re blessed.”

Cari Patricio
Mom of a young child with special needs
Being the mother of a child with special needs means lots of testing, struggles, and questions, but it also means lots of hope, learning, excitement, pride, and appreciating every win, especially the small ones!

Christy Grable
Mom of two teens
“Being a mom of teens does not come with a manual on how to raise them. There will be challenging days, heck, even challenging weeks! I always tell my kids that I am their parent, not their friend.”

Dianna Sherick
“Step-motherhood: showing up every day, being honest and loving, listening, supporting, and most of all being REAL.”

Patti Handy
Single Mom
“Our children are our weakest link and greatest strength. Single or married, the love is unmeasurable. Being a single mom can be scary and lonely at times, but it’s also the most amazing, rewarding, fulfilling, joyful experience of my life.”

Allison Kirchen Schmidt
Dog Mom
“Being a mom to my ‘doghter’, an 8-month mini poodle named Daphne, is all joy and a couple chewed flip flops! Days are full of walks; games of fetch and puppy snuggles. Her happiness is infectious.”

Adriana Stanton
Mom of a toddler with special needs
“Being a special needs mom (congenital diaphragmatic hernia CDH, feeding tube dependent, chronic lung disease, physically delayed) is celebrating strengths. You’re not only a mom, but an advocate, therapist, and educator. I didn’t become the mom I thought I’d be, I became the mom my son needed.”

Cookie Schwartz Diaz
Mom with adult children
“I love the relationship I have with my three sons now that they are adults; however, you never stop being a mom.  The challenge is still wanting to “mother” them and letting them be their own persons, but I am so grateful for the amazing men they have become.”

Amanda Etcheverry
New Mom
“Everybody seems to have advice when they find out you’re pregnant, but no one warns you about the feeling of your heart living outside your body. Motherhood is exhausting and completely overwhelming at times…but it is the most incredible feeling of love I have ever known.”

Bri Waterman
Working Mom with 4 Boys: Ages 7, 6, 3 and 1
Our house is hectic, my work schedule is unpredictable, but when I come home to these boys…my heart is full. I may be tired at times but if I had one wish, it would be to continue this phase of pure insanity forever.

Jennifer Del Toro
Mom of triplet boys
“Being a mom of multiples is quite the journey. What helped me get through the tough times is being prepared, establishing a routine, and enjoying each stage since they grow up so fast”

Pam Ingram
Being a grandmother is the best in the world!   It is unconditional love without the parental responsibilities. I love spending time with them. I love to boast and brag about their accomplishments. Just hearing their voices and getting their hugs makes my heart happy!

Shauna Criner
Mom with school-age children
“Being mom to school aged children is exhausting.  There is Scouts, sports, school parties, birthday parties, and more.  But, one day you’ll blink and they’ll be grown up and too cool for their moms! So, make sure to sit back and enjoy every minute of it!”

Lindsay Koegle
Mom of three teen girls
“Being the mom of three girls can be challenging, especially when they have completely different personalities. I try to remember that I can’t parent them the same way because each respond differently to our parenting.”

Brynne Bryant
Single Mom of Two Toddlers
Having two toddlers can be very challenging at times but it is by far the most rewarding experience. Despite the tantrums, spiting up and potty accidents, when they look up and smile at you all the challenges seem so worth it.