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For almost 20 years Town Center Surgery has been giving their patients more than just excellent patient care while offering a unique experience that goes beyond the operating table. Owner of Town Center Surgery, Marc Lussier MD, FACS and his team work hard to ensure their patients are given an opportunity to lead a happy and eventful life through cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures. “What we bring to people is self-esteem, we are your advocate, we want your life to be as good as it can be and that can start with looking and feeling your best.”
Upon graduation from the University of Minnesota School of Medicine he went on to do his general surgery training with NYU at Bellevue Hospital. “I had an inkling to get out of the Midwest and went to New York. You cannot get any better training than in a large urban hospital, we saw so much we had to solve surgically.” From the big city to the west coast, Dr. Lussier attended the University of Southern California (USC) where he specialized in microsurgery. “Microsurgery is very technical, I was able to do really complex reconstructions and used those skills sets in my vast trauma experience.”
Dr. Lussier is a Midwest transplant and when he came to the Los Angeles area for training he immediately fell in love with the small town feel of the Santa Clarita Valley. “I thought this was just a great place, I raised my family here, I loved the small-town community feel.” In his early career he was heavily involved in the trauma program at Henry Mayo where he used his vast trauma experience and training to serve the community at large. “I loved the comradery of the hospital, I loved the hospital, it was very different than large urban hospitals and academic institutions.” After his many years in trauma medicine he felt the need to change. “I wanted to develop more into the aesthetic aspect of medicine. I have a since for aesthetics and really enjoy it so at this point my career it would be nice to have my own place and own facility.” In August of 2001 he opened Town Center Surgery. Today through his talent and hardworking staff, Town Center Surgery has been the most recommended surgical practices in the Santa Clarita Valley.
To better serve the patients his team has revolutionized the standard of care and practices available. Today, non-surgical treatments are on the rise. Dr. Lussier has enlisted highly trained nursing staff to meet this need. With trademark packages like Nurse Nat’s Glamourous Glow and Luc’s Magic Rewind patients have a shorter recovery time from traditional surgery interventions. “Initially this was a surgical program but over the years there was amazing innovations with non-surgical procedures, products and services and there was a big demand for it, so we started creating these programs and branding them.” With these procedures the focus is skin quality and volumizing. “We combine a series of a multitude of treatments to create magical results.
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