A Message from the Associate Publisher Alexander Hafizi

by | May 24, 2019 | Associate Publisher

 Summer is here. Can you believe it? June and July are always fun months. The kids are out of school, the weather is usually nice and warm and for some reason everyone just seems a little bit more happy. We at élite Magazine wish everyone a happy and healthy fun summertime. As you take a moment to read our magazine I would like to personally thank you for taking the time. In this issue we have so many great stories and things to do.
In this issue, you may notice a theme, with lots of our stories dedicated to gentlemen in the Santa Clarita Valley. We thought it was fitting as we share the winners of our 1st Annual Gentlemen in Business awards. See page 12. I would like to thank everyone for voting on these awards, we received over 68,000 votes. Congratulations to all the winners, we appreciate all of your support.
You will find a gentleman on our cover this month, Mr. Darryl Dunn. I am sure most of you have heard of or have been to the Rose Bowl. Did you know the CEO lives here in the Santa Clarita Valley? Learn more about him as we share his fantastic story on page 10. It takes a special kind of person to run the Rose Bowl. A salute to him for taking on that role. Speaking of saluting we have a feature on a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army. I can’t imagine having his role either, what a story! Another feature, we are pleased to bring you, is about a gentleman who created a mechanical puppy that serves as a companion to seniors suffering from dementia.
Gentlemen, are you looking to get a some plastic surgery done? We were able to chat with Dr. Marc Lussier who has been practicing plastic surgery in our valley for over 20 years and it’s not just for the ladies.
Are you into car racing? Our story on Colton Herta will amaze you. He’s the youngest person to win the IndyCar Series race. Truly outrageous. Maybe car racing isn’t your thing? What about music? We interviewed The Grizwalds, a band that play a variety of music. I got the privilege of seeing them in action and all I can say is wow! They are amazing and very entertaining. Speaking of music we have a young up and coming artist. Some of you may know his father Floyd Mayweather the professional boxer, well his son Koraun Mayweather is rapping his way to success. Keeping with the music stories we are excited that the Valencia Jazz and Blues Concert Series is celebrating its 20th year and has moved its location. The first concert is on June 14. A huge thank you to Barbara Myler for producing this concert series.
Another success story is Bowman High School. They are celebrating their 50th Anniversary. What an accomplishment. We also have a great story about a family that created a children’s book, teaching kids that everyone is different.
Our Million Dollar Home is a really beautiful house in Newhall. It’s for sale so if you are interested contact Mike Bjorkman or Tami Edwards. In each issue of élite Magazine, we usually do a Dynamic couple story, well this issue we found a Dynamic Trio. Lisa Ferrer works with her two sons Joseph and Frank at Henry Mayo Newhall Hosptial. What a lucky mom.
Love Glamping? I know I do. For those of you who haven’t heard of the term it’s a form of camping with a luxurious twist. We scoped out a few of our favorite Glamping spots. See page 66. This issue still has lots more reading, like our Eve’s Wine 101 column, our recipe column, our arts commissioner column, SCV Reel Talk, SCV EDC, our Henry Mayo Feature, New Roles in the SCV and our Dad’s and Grad’s fabulous shopping finds. Truly something for everyone.
Sadly, after doing business in our valley for 32 years, we bid a farewell to Kathy Allie of Cobblestone Cottage who decided to close the doors of her business. We also say goodbye to Judy Penman and wish her a very happy retirement as she relocates to Arizona. Judy has been the volunteer Queen of Santa Clarita for many years. We will certainly miss both of them.
On a happier note we have a new Ultimate award coming up. Our 1st Annual Kids Activities Awards along with our 9th Annual Home & Garden Awards. Voting has started now. So go to scvelitemagazine.com/ultimate-awards right now to vote. Remember you can vote every 24 hours. Also please nominate someone that you may know. Thank you for reading and supporting your local media here in the SCV. Next month we will be featuring the winners of our Ultimate Dining Awards.
Until next time,
Alexander Hafizi