Cultivating Joy Through Music with The Grizwalds

by | May 24, 2019 | Spotlight

Music is the soundtrack to our lives. The memories we make can travel with us through lyrics and rhythm, and are brought to life every time a song comes on the radio; or in this case, whenever a band like The Grizwalds performs on a local SCV stage.
The self-proclaimed “party band” prides themselves on their ability to get everyone up and dancing. They play generational hits from classic rock, R&B, pop, reggae, hip-hop, and disco – anything that is “simple and easy to dance to.” Jeff Meyer, the lead singer of The Grizwalds, lists disco as his favorite genre to perform because it is especially popular with people his age.
The Grizwalds have been around since 2007, when Meyer, bassist Vance Giovinazzo, and guitarist Mike Butkovic left the band Close Call to start a new, high-energy band that would keep people moving; moving so much so, that seeing The Grizwalds live “is like music from an iPod – one after another…with no time for dancers to leave the floor!”
With drummer Frank Martinez, keyboardist/singer Karyn Dale, and multifaceted musician Nils Lawrence, the band was complete. Each bandmate brings a seasoned musical background and personal style to The Grizwalds to give the group a unique flare.
There are plenty of perks that come with playing in a cover band. The audience, for one, knows the lyrics to the hits, and can sing and dance along as soon as the music starts to play. They are then transported back to a time in their lives where pure joy exists – and it transmutes itself on the dance floor. “We’re like a live DJ,” says Jeff, “my generation grew up with [live band music].”
Mike handles finding the perfect arrangements for the band to play. From there, each bandmate works to give their part, their unique sound – and it all meshes together to create a lively, energizing show. Some artists and songs prove to be more challenging to cover, but The Grizwalds always prepare a set list that is sure to keep the party going.
As for anyone in town looking to start their own band, Jeff has some simple advice: “be friends with your bandmates.” The band’s chemistry offstage and during rehearsals is just as important as it is onstage in front of a live audience; their sound and overall performance quality depends on it. Luckily, the members of The Grizwalds all enjoy each other, and love the thrill of performing together most of all.
The Grizwalds frequent local venues like Wolf Creek Brewery and Salt Creek Grille; also, performing throughout the San Fernando Valley, for both live shows and private events. They will be at Marci’s Sports Bar and Grill in SCV on May 25, with upcoming shows lined up around the county!
Music brings people together – and the music that brings this group together cultivates joy (and joyous movement) at any party they perform.
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Photo by SchlickArt Studios