Innovative SCV companies share how they connect and contribute to the community

by | May 24, 2019 | Business

 How well do you know the businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley? Most residents don’t realize that SCV is home to a broad range of companies across major industry sectors including Aerospace & Defense, Advanced Manufacturing, Biotech & Medical Devices, Digital Media & Entertainment, and Information Technology. The Santa Clarita Valley is also home to major corporate headquarters like Princess, Scorpion, Sunkist, and early next year, Logix Federal Credit Union.
Over the past several months I have been interviewing many of the leaders of these innovative companies for our podcast series SCV Means Business. I am inspired by their commitment and dedication to not only their employees, but also the community.
In our podcast series, you’ll hear from Boston Scientific, a medical device manufacturer that is using neuromodulation to help relieve pain (they also thankfully explain what neuromodulation is). You’ll also discover that Remo, the largest drum head manufacturer in the world, not only makes drums for practically every musician you’ve ever heard of, but also uses drums for therapeutic applications in NICUs to help regulate the heart rate of infants. Speaking of NICUs, you’ll also learn about Neotech, the leading manufacturer of medical devices for preemies and other medically fragile patients, and the remarkable difference their products make in NICUs worldwide.
Have you ever wondered how film locations are chosen? SCV Locations offers a behind-the-scenes look and shares a little celebrity gossip too. And you’ll discover that Technifex not only creates amazing special effects for the film and entertainment industries, but also trains first responders in the field. In my interview with Princess Cruises we hear how their innovative Medallion program is changing the cruising industry, and with Logix Federal Credit Union we gain insight into a smooth leadership transition and key areas of focus for the future. In the podcast featuring Scorpion, a fast-growing internet marketing firm, they reveal some of the perks of their new, high-tech HQ and share how their company grew from garage startup to a major player in the marketing world.
There are many more podcasts already available and even more to come. I am continuously amazed by the diversity, innovation, creativity, and dedication of our Santa Clarita Valley businesses. I hope you’ll enjoy learning about them through this podcast series as much as I have. Visit for more information. SCV Means Business is now streaming anywhere you listen to your podcasts like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, and on our website.
The next time you are driving near one of our business parks, take a moment to think about what might be going on inside. The next great invention could be underway!
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