4 Ways to Repurpose a Bridesmaid’s Dress

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Bridal

Bridesmaid’s dresses are commonly only worn once and ultimately end up collecting dust in the back of a closet or are thrown away. These dresses are attached with memories and a hefty price tag, which leave the bridesmaids hesitant as to what the future of the dress entails. However, extending the dress life of a bridesmaid’s dress is a lot easier than it seems. Even if they do not want to rewear it, there are still ways to reuse it. Though a bridesmaid dress may seem like a one-time-use product, there are many alternatives to throwing it away.

Do it yourself (DIY) crafts are the perfect alternative to actually having to wear the dress again, and still reuse it. Different DIYs on how to repurpose a bridesmaids dress are all over Pinterest. Because of the intricate patterns these dresses contain, they make the best fabrics for throw pillows and quilts. Making a pillow or quilt out of the dress, it allows you to memorialize it forever without ever having to put it on again. Creating a piece recycles the fabric and results in a stylish new pillow containing sentimental value.

Dress It Down
Bridesmaids’ dresses may seem too flashy to wear outside of a wedding, but there are ways to dress it down to make it more casual. Pair the gown with a denim jacket, leaving only the skirt of the dress exposed. This provides the necessary element to successfully tone down the dress. Altering it at your local cleaners can also transform the dress entirely. Have them take out the tulle under the dress to create a more relaxed look or shorten the dress altogether for more formal occasions. Photo credit: trustedclothes.com

Halloween Costume
If the bridesmaid’s dress is too bizarre to rewear somewhere other than a wedding, use it as a Halloween costume. This is the time to channel your inner beauty queen with a tiara, sash, and bouquet of flowers. To incorporate a creepier element, dressing as Stephen King’s Carrie by pouring fake blood on the dress is another option. Lastly, you could go as the Corpse Bridesmaid by attaching fake wounds and dark makeup to simulate sunken eyes. Secure some spider webs to the gown and you’ll have a guaranteed Halloween Costume Contest winner. Photo credit: Carissa from Carissa Knits

Donate It
By donating a bridesmaid’s dress, you grant someone else the opportunity to experience the dress. More importantly, it transfers the responsibility of the dress to someone who can decide how to extend the dress life. Due to the elegancy of a bridesmaid’s dress, it could easily be repurposed as a prom dress for a teenager. Donating this dress can save others hundreds of dollars and leaves the ex-bridesmaid feeling content that their dress will not go to waste.




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