A Message from the Associate Publisher Alexander Hafizi – Aug/Sept 2019

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Associate Publisher

Can you believe summer is coming to an end? Before you know it, kids will be back in school. It’s crazy how fast times goes when you are having fun. I just wanted to take a minute to thank all you for reading our magazine. You guys inspire us to do what we do. This issue of élite is super exciting. On our cover we had the pleasure of featuring a wonderful young lady who was a finalist on MasterChef Junior. She cooked her way almost to the top. It was so great watching our Santa Clarita star do so well in this competition. Read her story on page 8. Our cover tied into our élite Ultimate Awards this month as we announce our dining award winners. Go to page 10 to see all the winners. Continuing with the food theme we have a new contributing writer with a great recipe, thank you Larry McClements and welcome. It just makes me so hungry.
Have you every heard at Big Sur? Well we got an up close and personal look at Post Ranch Inn. It looks like such a lovely weekend get away. We have a few closeups in this issue to get to know some of the very talented people that live in Santa Clarita like Glen Farrelly. He is an artist that made art out of pieces from the Sand Fire disaster, Judith Wolfe who has made community service her mission and Michelle Hogan who is a soccer athlete. All are truly amazing stories. Have you heard of the PAWS Center? It was created by Golden Valley High School. PAWS stands for Parent Awareness Workshop and Support. I’m going to let you read more about it yourself. Rebel Heart Band is a band of eight people that come together for love and music, they are such a cool band. I hope you all get to see them perform soon.
In this issue we have our élite Wedding Magazine. Our wedding cover feature a young couple that had a beautiful wedding here in Santa Clarita. We followed their wedding on page 36. When your partner asks you to tie the knot they usually have to purchase an engagement ring. We feature some lovely different styled rings to help with the process of choosing the perfect ring. All these rings are available at Classic Designs Jewelry. Another important part of the wedding process is the dress. I know it can be hard to choose the perfect style for you, so we have featured some of the most popular wedding dress styles to help you. So now that you have the ring and dress style you love, now it’s time to send out invitations, don’t worry, we have you covered. See page 42 for some invitation tips from By Invitation Only. Have you ever wondered what other wedding dresses around the world are like? Well take a look at our wedding dress styles from around the world section. I thought it was so interesting to see all the different cultures of dresses. I hope you do too. Have you been a bridesmaid for a wedding? Do you have that bridesmaid dress sitting in your closet taking up space? Have you ever thought to do something with it? We can help you with that. See page 46. Catering is a huge part of a wedding, so we have complied a list of Santa Clarita restaurant/businesses that do catering. I’m sure you will find something that you are looking for. Let’s talk location. Santa Clarita has a bunch of locations. We have featured two amazing ones. Check them out on page 50. Our Recipes with Nadine Young talks about her wedding and gives a recipe to try. See page 52. I hope you enjoy our wedding magazine.
We have so much more in this issue. Did you know The Gentle Barn is celebrating 20 years in Santa Clarita? The Gentle Barn is such a cool place to take your kids. I had the pleasure of going there and meeting all the animals. I strongly recommend you to go visit one of these Sundays. Our million dollar home is truly a beautiful house. In fact if you love it so much it can be yours just give Dippy Chhina a call. Have you heard of Santa Clarita Autosound? We met up with the dynamic trio that runs the business. For all of your auto sound needs contact them. Eve Bushman went on an amazing trip to Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine in Spain. Go to page 74 for this must read story. Our looking back feature this issue is celebrating the life of Carl Boyer who just recently passed away. Carl was such a huge part of our community. We wish his family the best in these sad times. With that being said I wish everyone a happy and healthy next few months and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you so much for reading élite Magazine.

Until next time,
Alexander Hafizi