Engagement Rings with Meaning

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Bridal

The engagement ring is a timeless piece that deserves a lot of thought and consideration before purchasing. It is the gift that embodies all the time spent together in a relationship until now and ends up being one of the greatest reminders of all the love you have for each other. It is also a commitment, a pledge, and a vow that the person receiving it will always and forever be your one and only. Classic Designs Jewelry provided a selection of beautiful pieces to get the thoughts flowing on what to give your forever love:

1. This gorgeous round diamond engagement ring combines the best of elegance and simplicity. With the ability to customize the diamond size to cater to your particular tastes, this effortlessly luxurious ring is ideal for those who want all the beauty of a bright diamond without the added embellishment of a halo or more-defined emerald or pear diamond shape. There’s no way to go wrong with this classic take on an old favorite.

2. For those wanting to stray from the norm a bit, this ring offers a modern twist on the classic high-profile mounting option, while capturing everyone’s attention with the beautiful rose gold band. Opting for a uniquely colored ring band is the perfect way to set your bride apart from the rest, while maintaining the quintessential charm of the timeless round-cut diamond highlighting the best features of the ring.

3. Turn heads in the room with this combination of a gold band and striking pear-shaped diamond. Featuring a jewel-encrusted yellow gold ring band, this piece flaunts style and grace, and all eyes are drawn to the front-and-center diamond From its unique diamond shape to the colored band, everything about this ring radiates classiness and sophistication.

4. Who says simplicity and luxury don’t mix? With a beautiful rose gold band and a round-cut diamond, this ring is downright gorgeous, and is ideal for those searching for a ring that brings together the best of beauty and grace. A unique halo accentuates the ring in all of its exquisiteness, and its straightforward adornment makes it perfect for those who want all the beauty of an ornate engagement ring without the extravagant additions.

5. Get back to the basics with this elaborate collaboration between an oval-cut diamond and a stunning halo. Though the highlight of this piece is undoubtedly its dazzling diamond, your bride will be mesmerized by the effortless allure of the jewel-lined white gold band, and for those feeling a bit more bold, the option of a yellow or rose gold band is available to ensure that your ring is set her apart from the rest.

6. This ring has a combination of rose gold and white gold bands. Alongside the elegant, yet natural glamour of the round-cut diamond, flaunted by the high-profile mount that brings it to the center of attention. While it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, every onlooker will be left awestruck by this ring’s blend of extravagance and artful ornamentation.

Classic Designs Jewelry wants to use their four decades of experience to make your dreams come true by helping you find a piece of jewelry that will with stand the test of time. Classic Designs Jewelry is located at 24260 Valencia Boulevard, Valencia.