International Brides

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Bridal

On the day of the wedding, all attention will be on the bride. This is her special day and with that comes a lot of planning, organizing, and of incorporating many traditions, some old and some new. For many, tradition begins with the wedding gown. Around the world many brides-to-bes take careful consideration into what they will wear on that magical day, ensuring that what they pick makes them look and feel beautiful. We have scoured the internet to find some of the most gorgeous bridal attire from across the globe.

The Indian Lehenga is a wonderfully intricate wedding dress that flaunts the bride’s attention to detail and devotion to Indian culture. This dress features an amazing network of gold and salmon embroideries and patterns, all placed against a maroon backdrop of fabric to highlight the intricacies of the design. The dress is split into a top and skirt, with a matching satin veil that ties the entire piece together, combining the best of elegance and tradition in one gorgeous ensemble.

The Longfenggua is a staple among both modern and traditional Chinese weddings. Patterned with gold dragons and phoenixes, this style of Chinese wedding dresses pays respect to both Chinese culture and the desire for modesty — a significant focus of many Chinese wedding ceremonies. With its beautiful labyrinth of embellishments and embroideries, the Longfenggua is a simple, yet enticingly refined style of wedding attire that captures the timelessness of Chinese culture and the understated charm of a classic bride’s dress.

Throughout the four-day course of the traditional Pakistani wedding, the bride’s wedding dresses are carefully curated to feature beautiful gold and silver patterns and embellishments (known as “Zari”), alongside a large amount of gold jewelry — a key part of each ceremony day’s festive attire. A matching veil typically accompanies the second and third dresses, as pictured above alongside the beautiful combination of Zari and luscious (yet not flashy) burgundy fabric.

This bold mix of bright and eye-catching colors is archetypal of one type of traditional African wedding dress. The added cultural grandeur brought on by accessories such as bracelets, festive head-tie (known as the “gele”), and necklaces only serve to emphasize the exhilaration and enthusiasm surrounding the bride’s big day. Needless to say, this dress captures the audience’s attention, and it goes without saying that oftentimes, with these wedding dresses, the brighter the better!

A striking union between red and gold, this intricately detailed wedding gown (referred to as “áo dài” in Vietnamese) is a testament to both the excitement and sacredness surrounding the traditional Vietnamese wedding. In Vietnamese culture, the bride typically cycles through three dresses for the duration of the ceremony, with this once-controversial gown reserved for last, though the modern-day áo dài serves as a way of highlighting the sophistication and timelessness of Vietnam’s long-standing history.

This Japanese wedding dress is a fusion between the traditional kimono, a prominent and time-honored piece of Japanese fashion and culture, and the understated grace of the prominent white fabric that is so heavily associated with the modern-day wedding. Though the dress itself is prominently white, accentuated with red lining, the main call-to-attention is the inclusion of various sashes and tassels that emphasize the event, and in this case, have been customized to display the bride’s participation in the wedding ceremony. This dress combines the long-standing significance of the Japanese kimono with the effortless grace of the traditional white textile.

This intricately detailed, off-the-shoulder dress is a gorgeous tribute to traditional Mexican wedding fashion. Keeping in tune with the conventional “all-in-white” theme of many modern day weddings, the straightforwardness of a simple white dress is played up by the alternating embroidered accents found weaving in and out of the fabric of the dress. The dress can be paired with a stunning headband, as pictured above, to add a bit of personality to the outfit, or can be worn in conjunction with the more traditional option of heels to keep in line with the theme of a white wedding.

Simplicity and elegance combine to create this classic American beauty. The combination of the sweetheart neckline and strapless corset allow for a modern twist on the usual white wedding gown. Complete with its floor-length veil and softly accentuated waistline,, this American wedding dress is both fashionable and traditional, making it one of the most versatile looks available to brides right here in the U.S.