The Unforgettable Outdoor Wedding – Alise & Matt Kerr

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Bridal

 Married: November 3, 2018
The Blomgren Estate in Santa Clarita, CA
photos by Ceara McCreary
Bride: Alise Mullen | Groom: Matthew Kerr
How They Met: Matthew and Alise met multiple times through mutual friends, even though neither of them remember it! On a random night out with Alise’s friend Nicole, they ran into Matt and his friends leaving the bar. Nicole and Matt were friends from high school and stopped for a minute to catch up. It wasn’t until later that night that Nicole got a text message from Matt asking her to set him up with her friend “Caley.” After they had figured out that he was asking about Alise, she turned him down. Matt apparently didn’t want to take no for an answer and continued to ask Nicole for Alise’s phone number. Eventually she gave in and they started talking and getting to know each other through text messages and phone calls. Their first date in 2012 was at Menchie’s for frozen yogurt. They ended up sitting outside for hours just talking. Now, after six years and two dogs later they became husband and wife!
Hashtag: #MakeheraKerr



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