Lights, Camera, Scream!

by | Sep 23, 2019 | SCV Reel Talk

Halloween brings the time-honored tradition of watching horror films. The horror genre, like most other genres of cinema and television, has featured Santa Clarita significantly as a location – whether you know it or not. Therefore, it is fitting that this year Santa Clarita will welcome the HorrorHaus Film Festival, which will take place in Old Town Newhall at the MAIN Theatre. This being its fourth year, the HorrorHaus Film Festival has moved to Santa Clarita for the 2019 event. In honor of the festival, and keeping with the Halloween spirit, let’s look at some horror flicks that were filmed right here in Santa Clarita.
Many productions of the horror genre have filmed in Santa Clarita, but you might not recognize they were filmed locally because they are in residential neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods are part of the appeal of Santa Clarita, in that they can look like America “anywhere.” The recent feature “Annabelle Comes Home” and the popular television series “American Horror Story” are included among productions filmed in local neighborhoods and streets throughout Santa Clarita.
Another reason Santa Clarita is popular with the horror genre is our movie ranches. Sable Movie Ranch has been home to many horror film scenes, including 1993’s “Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings,” “Vacancy,” starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, “Voodoo Moon” and the Rob Zombie cult classic “The Devil’s Rejects.” One of the most iconic horror film franchises, “Friday the 13th,” features terrifying villain Jason attacking helpless campers right here in the lovely Santa Clarita Valley. The bulk of “Friday the 13th: Part 3” was filmed at Veluzat Movie Ranch. Several locations on the property were filmed, but their barn served as the backdrop to some of the most memorable scenes. This film was also shot in 1982-era 3D, which adds a campy wonderfulness to the story. Veluzat Movie Ranch also served as the location for scenes of the 2019 release of “I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu.”
Veteran filmmaker and special effects makeup artist Todd Tucker has based multiple productions here in Santa Clarita. Slated to be featured in the HorrorHaus Film Festival, Tucker’s locally filmed productions include “Monster Mutt” and “The Terror of All Hallow’s Eve.” The 2016 film, “The Terror of All Hallow’s Eve,” stars Caleb Thomas, features veteran actor Eric Roberts, and was filmed in and around Santa Clarita. “Monster Mutt” was the first feature film to participate in the City of Santa Clarita’s Film Incentive Program, which started in 2009.
This Halloween there are a multitude of options if you dare to be scared, but consider checking out the HorrorHaus Film Festival which will take place from October 25th – 27th at the MAIN Theatre in Old Town Newhall. For more information, go to
The City of Santa Clarita’s Film Office was started in 2002 and today processes over 500 permits per year, leading to approximately 1,300 film days! Filming is of great benefit to the community, adding over $30 million of positive economic impact per year to the local economy. For a list of what has filmed in Santa Clarita, go to and follow the City’s film office at


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