– Five Benefits of Working Close to Home

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Business

 The Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) is home to many top employers in a wide variety of industries like medical devices & biotechnology, aerospace & defense, digital media & entertainment, tech, and advanced manufacturing. Even though SCV residents often face some of the longest commute times in the nation, local employers note that they have trouble hiring talent that lives locally.
To help address this issue, the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC) has created a new job board as a resource for residents who would like to find a career closer to home called Whether you are just starting out and seeking an entry level job or are a corporate manager with decades of experience under your belt, will help connect you to local opportunities.
This resource is free for job seekers and allows you to create a profile, connect your LinkedIn account, and upload a resume. Also, if you need to brush up on some job skills, we offer free classes in management and customer relations. Furthermore, Santa Clarita Valley businesses can post jobs for free until 2020.
If you still need convincing to quit your commute and find a job in SCV, here are five benefits of working closer to home:
1. Reduce the chance of getting in an accident & save money on gas.
Less time spent in your car means less risk of getting in an accident. Think about how much money you spend on gas each month. Now think about spending that money on something more meaningful (or fun!).
2. Minimize stress & improve health.
Commutes are stressful, isolating, and can sour your day right from the get-go. Besides reducing your stress, reclaiming those lost hours means more time for you to sleep, exercise, and make healthy food choices.
3. Become a more reliable employee and increase productivity.
When it’s easier for you to get to work, it’s easier for you to get to work on time which translates to fewer late starts, fewer absences, and happier bosses. If you’re in a better mood when you get to work, you’re more likely to think clearly and be productive throughout the day.
4. Improve work life / home life balance.
When you live 10 minutes from work, taking your lunch break at home becomes easier and you can carve out time for more dinners at home. It also becomes more feasible to get home in time to take the kids to extracurricular activities, or to do something fun for yourself!
5. Improve overall quality of life.
Technically, achieving any of the above would improve your quality of life, but something as simple as commute time shouldn’t hamper how happy you are. There are so many amazing opportunities right here in SCV!
The Santa Clarita Valley provides the perfect live/work/play environment, and there are great companies looking for local, skilled talent and SCV commuters that are ready to ditch the I-5! Check out to find a career closer to home, or to post your company’s open positions today.
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