Meet the Emmy Nominated Post Production Team

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Dynamic Couple

When we see movies and television shows, we only see the story being told by the actors on the screen. What we do not see, is the work that was put in making the film. From the dialogue between two individuals to the sound of wind through the leaves a post-production team is in charge in ensuring these intricate details are as realistic as possible. Santa Clarita residents, Chris Carpenter and Joe DeAngelis work as sound mixers in Post Production and Brad North is a sound supervisor. “After everything is shot, the film is brought to us,” Chris commented. “Chris works on the ambient sounds: foot-steps, crowds in the background, the door closing, and I work on the dialogue, music and other source pieces,” Joe explained. Brad is in charge of getting all of the sounds to the mixers.
Chris, Brad, and Joe are such a team and are responsible for configuring sound in full-length films and shows on streaming platforms. With well over 80 years of combined experience between them they find themselves working together on most projects. Either together or separately, this group has been recognized for various projects such as House, Stranger Things, and most recently Love, Death + Robots [Brad Only] and When They See Us..[Chris and Joe] “Brad and I worked on House together and won an Emmy for it,” Joe noted. “We [Joe and Chris] were nominated for When They See Us,” Chris continued.
The road to becoming an Emmy nominee in this industry is no easy feat. Chris, Joe, and Brad each had to work hard to get to where they are today. “I was almost done after about two years… at 22 years old not making any money I was going to head home when I got a call from my supervisor at the time and my career launched from there,” Brad shared. “I did not go to a formal school for this, when I came into the industry I learned mainly through working, it’s a little different now-a-days with technology,” Chris recalled. Coming from different backgrounds, this dynamic trio shares a passion for what they do mixing their expertise while keeping up with the current trends. “Technology is growing fast, I came in [the post production industry] through a friend and nowadays a formal education in this field is basically a necessity to keep up with all the technological advances,” Chris added. Today the film industry is changing with more jobs being made from the streaming outlets like Netflix and HULU. “Some of these TV shows are costing $100 million and people are loving them. I think this is where we are moving towards for the future,” Brad shared.
To someone just being introduced to this field, the amount of effort and technology used that goes into completing their job can be intimidating. “We work on a piece of equipment that is about the size of this table (referring to the giant conference room table that sits in the back of our office),” Chris commented. They work with composers, studio Executives and actors to ensure even the slightest of noises sound the most realistic. The job has its challenges – keeping within the budget and odd requests from clients, but they get it done and enjoy doing it.

photo by Joie de Vivre photographie


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