GIANNA JULIET “Setting Her Own Path”

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Closeup

From the moment she learned to walk, Gianna Juliet knew she was destined to live on stage and in the throes of the ballet world – and she’s made quite the name for herself throughout the years.
After starting classes at just five years old, Gianna quickly realized that dancing was a part of her very being, rather than being simply another hobby or pastime that she enjoyed. She recalls her roles as Fritz, Clara, and The Sugar Plum Fairy in the renowned Nutcracker production as one of the most memorable moments in her career thus far, but her dedication to performing has evolved into far more than taking on different roles on the stage.
“There’s an energy between myself and the audience that’s just indescribable,” shares Gianna when asked about her favorite aspect of performing. “It’s about having a conversation with the audience through the roles that I fill.”
Perhaps the most impressive experience in Gianna’s history thus far has been her participation in the Genée International Ballet Competition earlier this year. This intense competition required a rigorous amount of preparation and training, not the least of which included a high level of distinction necessary to qualify for the competition. The Genée event, held by the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance, featured several prominent names in the ballet world, and Gianna shared that the experience was a spectacular opportunity for both personal and professional growth.
Gianna was also recently awarded the Santa Clarita Arts Recognition Award, which she describes as an especially prominent honor, having grown up in SCV. “It’s all about giving back, and increasing appreciation of the arts. It’s amazing to be representing my city as an artist.”
Last October, Gianna was featured in SCVTV’s Finding Art program, which delves deeper into her professional career, as well as her upcoming projects. The program will air on television and will be available online for viewing.
When asked about any advice she has for aspiring dancers and anyone who may want to follow in her footsteps, Gianna emphasizes the importance of “setting your own path, and not letting others decide your goals for you,” alongside a reminder that the hard work is worth it.
“Dancing is something that comes naturally to me,” Gianna says. “Without dance, I would feel like there’s a part of me missing.”
You can find Gianna on Instagram at @giannaj.ballet, and learn more about the Genée International Ballet Competition at



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