Leading Women of the Past

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Spotlight

The community we have today was built on volunteerism, hard work and a rich history of leading women who forged through several challenges to make Santa Clarita into the “awesometown” we all have come to know and love. With the help of www.SCVHistory.com we have compiled a list of women whose determination for a better tomorrow has become our reality today. Although, these women are no longer with us we are proud to dedicate these pages to their efforts.

Armantha Thibaudeau

In the early 1900’s, as much of the city of Newhall was still in development and on its way towards becoming one of the highlights of Santa Clarita, a woman named Armantha Thibaudeau was making a name for herself as the secretary of the Newhall Chamber of Commerce. The chamber, originally known as the Newhall Improvement Association, began making strides in furthering the development and growth of the city which, at the time, was a far cry from the bustling region we know it as today. Armantha was part of several organizations throughout the span of her lifetime, and by the time of her death, she had forged a reputation for herself that spoke of her philanthropy and generosity towards the community. Today, she is remembered as one of the more dedicated members in terms of her volunteer work and civic responsibilities.

Bobbie Trueblood

“Mrs. Republican” was the nickname given to Bobbie Trueblood, a true pioneer in the movement to create the City of Santa Clarita. After marrying her husband, U.S. soldier Fred Trueblood Jr., Bobbie immediately set about establishing an identity for herself as one of the most important characters in the story behind the development of the Republican presence here in the Santa Clarita Valley. As the first female president of the Newhall-Saugus Boys Club, Bobbie made it her personal mission to merge the worlds of philanthropy and selflessness, setting out to turn the political tide significantly in 1970 when Santa Clarita made the switch from majority Democrat to majority Republican. As a member of several GOP clubs and organizations, Bobbie was well-known as both a political force and a zealously active member of the community, and after her death in 2017, she is continuously remembered as a driving force behind several momentous changes that formed many aspects of the city that we now call home.

Jo Anne Darcy

Jo Anne Darcy was a significant member of the push to form Santa Clarita as an official city, though perhaps her most memorable achievement was serving as the city’s four-time city mayor before her death in 2017. Though Canyon Country Library was named in her honor decades ago, Jo Anne’s legacy lives on, and her efforts to propagate the success of our city have far outlasted her lifetime. She was a former councilwoman and a vital part of the founding of Santa Clarita from its early days, and her philanthropic contributions have made an immeasurable difference in the lives of those who benefit from the Santa Clarita Senior Center, Domestic Violence Center, and other resources that Jo Anne contributed to throughout her life. Undoubtedly, the city we know and love today would not have been made possible if not for the fruitful efforts of Jo Anne Darcy.

Connie Worden-Roberts

Connie Worden-Roberts was born in 1930 and lived a life of outreach and magnanimity up until her death back in 2014. After moving to our city in 1970, she made it a point to involve herself in several community organizations and groups such as the Boys & Girls Club and the Newhall-Saugus-Valencia Chamber of Commerce, eventually working her way up to the Hart School Board of Trustees. She was a significant member of the movement to form the district of Canyon Country, which eventually led to the annexation of it as a part of the City of Santa Clarita. Throughout her years, Connie made her service to the city of Santa Clarita a top priority, and has had the Connie Worden-Roberts Memorial Bridge dedicated to her decades of selflessness and dedication to the growth of Santa Clarita.



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