A Message from the Associate Publisher Alexander Hafizi – Feb/Mar 2020

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Associate Publisher

Springtime is almost here! A beautiful time of year in California. Leaves are turning green, the flowers start blooming and the air seems to be a little more crisp. Our team has been working really hard to bring you this fantastic issue of élite Magazine. On our cover we are pleased to feature the President of CalArts, Ravi Rajan, he has a very interesting story on his journey and what bought him to Santa Clarita, check it out on page 8.
In this issue we have four different categories for our Ultimate Awards. We are always amazed at the amount of response we receive from our readers, with thousands of votes in each category. It’s always exciting for us to let our winners know that you voted them number 1. First up, is the Ultimate Business Awards. What a fine group of businesses. Thank you Santa Clarita for taking the time to vote for your favorites. To see the winners in this category, go to page 12.
Local resident, Tom Iland is a class act and an inspiration to all of us. Tom is autistic, read his story and find out how he overcame his fear of public speaking and created a wonderful life for himself. Do you know Major Impact Theater? This organization combines the world of theater production and actors with disabilities to create a powerful value for the Santa Clarita community. Go to page 26 to read more about them.
You may know ValdeCamp Manor, a beautiful local event space where you can hold your parties. The photographs are great and it inspires me to maybe start making some changes around my own home!
We are so proud that our sister publication Santa Clarita Magazine turned 30 years in 2020. We had to share a little about it in this issue. Thirty years is such a great accomplishment. It has been such a huge part of Santa Clarita and my life.
We were sad to hear about the passing of Gary Condie, one of Santa Clarita’s most influencial people. He has been a big part of our community for many years. Read about him on page 42.
Do you remember the show Happy Days? We got to meet Cathy Silvers who played Jenny Piccolo. Read about what she is up to on page 44.
Our second award category is Ultimate Beauty Awards. These winners are the best in their field. We are happy to feature them in our magazine. To see who won go to page 46.
Our Fabulous Finds are always a great place to go to find a special gift for that special someone in your life. We hope it helps you.
Our third award category is Ultimate Fitness Awards. The businesses in this category are dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself. We are excited to show you who won. See page 56 for the winners. We also have a feature of Do’s and Dont’s of losing weight for your wedding.
Inside this issue we feature our élite Wedding Magazine, starting on page 61. We are so pleased to feature John and Denise Lite who were wed in July of 2019 on the cover. You can see the very elegant photographs taken by photographer extraordinaire Lindsay Schlick. You will find lots of great information in this bridal section, such as how not to become bridezilla, choosing a photographer for your wedding. You will also find our final Ultimate Awards category which is the Bridal Awards. See the winners starting on page 68. We are also pleased to feature Stephanie and Justin Wallace’s wedding which is simply breathtaking. Wedding dresses sure have changed over the years. See page 76 to see the popular styles throughout history. We also feature different wedding traditions from different cultures. Our bridal issue is always unique. We hope you enjoy it. This issue has been exciting for us to put together as we are planning my own wedding this year.
For the second year, we will be focusing on our Gentlemen in Business Ultimate Award category, last year this was so popular and we encourage you to vote for your favorites.
This month, Eve Bushman talks about whiskey in Santa Clarita and beyond. We also have an awesome healthy chicken recipe from Larry McClements. And so much more.
We would like to thank each of you for reading our magazine and I hope you have a great Springtime. When you turn the pages be sure to check out our calendar of events. We hope to see you around town.

Cheers From
Alexander Hafizi & Arnold Bryant