Add Public Art to Your Engagement Photos

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Santa Clarita Arts Commission

 As social media’s influence on the wedding market grows, the art world continues to generate a dynamic mix of tastemakers that range from artists to Instagram influencers to brides to be. Public art is a unique and memorable way to add dynamics to your wedding photos. It allows your artistic side to show through with creativity and visual impact. As words aren’t even necessary, you can tell your love story, share your inspirations and disclose snippets of your connection with public art pieces around Santa Clarita.
“Archways,” made of steel hoops, was installed in 2013 by artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector and is located at the McBean Regional Transit Center on Valencia Boulevard near McBean Parkway. The steel public art piece is a large composition of intersecting planes. “Archways” is designed to enhance life’s daily rhythms and to enhance and beautify a community hub. It is an artwork that gives the viewer a visual ride while going through the day’s activities. With an open-ended interpretation, as the viewer changes through time, the piece changes as well. The goal of the work is to harmonize the transportation hub with the environment by creating a conceptual intersection.
Since spring 2016, the City of Santa Clarita’s Arts Commission has been guided by the Arts Master Plan, which provides arts, entertainment and cultural development plans for our community. In the years following the Arts Master Plan’s adoption, the Arts Commission has held several meetings to prioritize the plan’s 41 recommendations, with the development of a public art program as one of the highest priorities expressed by the community and key stakeholders.
In the Arts Commission’s 2018 Work Plan, the Commission prioritized the creation of a program of temporary public art (Recommendation 1.6). The Arts Commission developed a Temporary Public Art Proposal, and, in summer 2019, the Santa Clarita City Council approved funding for a temporary public art program.
Public art enhances our local community by making public spaces more inviting, promoting the discussion of arts and reflecting the history of Santa Clarita. The Arts Commission is proud to showcase completed and ongoing public art pieces that continue to enliven the community.
View listings of all public art pieces within the City of Santa Clarita, including photos, artist information, details about each art piece and a map with locations and directions. To learn more, please visit


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