Believing in You Until You Believe in Yourself with Réal Andrews

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Cover Story

Everyone has their own unique challenges that they must go through on their way to what they deem as success. From the day to day to long term accomplishments; the road to your success is always tumultuous, but all that becomes worth it once that success is attained. Motivational speaker, success coach, husband, father, and cancer survivor Réal Andrews shares his unique story with the masses about his life as an actor and stuntman.
Réal was born and raised in north Vancouver, B.C. where he started his career as a stuntman as a teenager. “In 1981, Vancouver was becoming Hollywood West…Harry Tracy came into town and went to all the high schools looking for a young black person to play as a double in his movie. At the time, I had no desire to be an actor but thought to try anyway. I read the part and at 16 years old I became one of the first, few black stunt doubles in Canada.” From here his career blossomed over the next several years being featured on hit television shows like Law and Order Special Victims Unit. “I played everything you can imagine, from fighters to drug dealers. I have been blown up, shot, killed, and loved every minute of it.” After some time being a stuntman, he began getting more speaking roles. “I moved to Hollywood to take acting more seriously, and began taking acting classes to better my skill; within one week I booked General Hospital and Soldiers of Fortune Inc.” Soon after he finally caught his big break. “I got a job in New York for As the World Turns for about two years.” Eventually going back to Hollywood, he was recognized for his fitness prowess and became one of Billy Blanks, creator of Tae Bo, original five.
During his career, Réal met his wife, Michele. She was a true east coaster with the sass to match. “We met at a Gold’s Gym in north Hollywood, she was wearing a one-piece cat suit and I thought she was gorgeous.” They did not date right away but continued meeting each other through mutual friends. “I knew she was the one when we sparred at the gym and she kicked me in the back of the head.” Together, he and his wife ventured into owning gyms and fitness centers but have since retired from it. They have been together for 27 years and married for 19 of those years. Réal and Michele have three children and call the Santa Clarita Valley home. “ I found that my wife and my children are my greatest support system.
Réal continues acting but has branched into motivational speaking and transformational coaching. “My motto to help the people I come into contact with is, ‘I believe in you until you believe in yourself.” He adopted this motto because of his own challenges that has shaped him to be who he is today. “I had three hip surgeries and became addicted to pain killers.” Today he celebrates three years of sobriety and helps others by helping them realize their true potential.” He has battled cancer, bi-polar depression and almost took his own life; but with the help of his family and a belief in a higher power he is a better man, husband, friend and father. “It was crazy for me realizing a part of you has changed… struggling with your own insecurities brought on by the diagnoses, challenged with bi-polar depression and almost taking my own life, I have become passionate about the mental health and wellness revolution and have partnered with holistic companies on a mission to make a difference, especially for teens and youth.” He strongly believes “everybody is important; everybody has a calling no matter what you are doing”.
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