The Woman Behind the Business: Corinne Glover

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Closeup

Since 1992, Corinne Glover has owned and operated the Santa Clarita Ballet Academy. The Academy fills the need in the Santa Clarita Valley, as well as surrounding communities, with the finest Classical Ballet Training. The school teaches young children and older the techniques and skills needed to make it as a dancer in the modern age of dance. For years, Santa Clarita Ballet Company, an arm of the school, and a non-profit city-based arts organization, has provided the community with its annual Nutcracker performance at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) as well as other classical works from the ballet repertoire that feature their students, upper level dancers, and guest professionals. With a background in ballet and being classically trained by the Royal Academy of Dance, Corinne and her team work hard to give their students every opportunity to prepare them for the very competitive world of dance.
Corinne was born overseas to an ambitious family that delved into the arts. “My grandmother was very ambitious, she moved her and her children from South Africa to England where they were educated and raised. My aunt and my mother, both were trained in music at the Guildhall School of Music and in ballet under two famous, French ballet instructors of that era: Judith and Edward Espinosa.” In the following years, her family members continued with dance on a professional level and became one of the founding members of what is now known as the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). “In the 1920s it was known as the Operatic Society which was a training organization that came about and my aunt was one of the original founding members, she was on the grand council and ended up taking all that back to South Africa.” Her mother eventually moved back to South Africa as well and taught ballet along with her aunt. Soon after political unrest drove the family west to the United States.
In 1951, during the apartheid, Corinne’s family immigrated to the United States. “My mother and father had the vision to leave the country…my father felt that there would never be a peaceful solution in South Africa, so the family immigrated and came here.” In the United States, ballet evolved differently than the teachings of RAD. “In the United States, there was no RAD. Ballet evolved from New York under people like Balanchine, and had its own unique style. In 1951, when my mom got here, she brought the RAD and it has grown into a very large presence.” Corinne would grow up studying dance receiving her degree in theater arts. “I began teaching in my early 20s and when we moved to Los Angeles, when my own children were little I opened a studio that ran for 12 years and eventually came out here [the Santa Clarita Valley] as a fluke.”
Over nearly three decades Corinne and her team have operated the Santa Clarita Ballet Academy which has developed the skills of thousands of children helping them bring their dreams into reality. “We have taught so many students, watching them grow from toddlers to young adults and going on to dance for prestigious companies around the world. “It has been an honor and I look forward to the years to come with even more students in our ever-growing school.”



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