Jonathan Redrow – SCV Musician Releases First Single

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Closeup

Music has infiltrated the Redrow family of Santa Clarita in many ways. Inside the home of Jonathan Redrow is a piano that used to belong to his grandmother. Everyone in the house knows how to play it—and some extended family members, too. When Jonathan was born, his father was working on an album. His mother has made a career combining media and music.
At age 23, it’s Jonathan’s turn to shine. On July 1, he released his first single, “Gelato” (, with the help and expertise of Josh Lambert, a young artist and producer who has released seven songs in different genres this year alone.
Jonathan and Josh met earlier this year through a mutual friend. Josh immediately saw his peer was an extremely talented singer and guitar player. They quickly became friends– playing music and writing songs together.
“I saw that Jonathan needed someone to help him apply his talents,” Josh elaborated. “I wanted to help him put those talents on paper instead of just having a dream and hobby.”
The two ended up writing a guitar song for their mutual friend. Then with “Gelato” (considered alternative trap music), they took turns writing the lyrics that reflect past relationships.
Thanks to Josh’s established music reputation, Jonathan’s break into the music industry has been fast paced. “Gelato” already has European fans and may even be heard on the radio soon. Josh and Jonathan have more songs in the works and are creating beats for other artists.
“It’s crazy how fast Josh and I write together. I’m very happy that he is putting time into me,” Jonathan said.
Jonathan’s mother, Valerie, is glad that Josh has propelled her son to get serious. He has always had lyrics laying around and a knack for playing an instrument. She describes Jonathan as personable, determined, and loyal.
“He has a great memory for songs, too. He hears music and plays it by ear rather than reading it,” she said. When Jonathan was a toddler, she recounted a time when a singer/songwriter called the house. She heard him singing in the background and exclaimed, “That kid has perfect pitch!”
Over the years, Jonathan was always the entertainer at small parties and gatherings. “He joked around, wrote funny lyrics and came up with raps with random words,” his mom said. Jonathan described college life at University of California, Santa Barbara, (UCSB) in a similar way. He and his friends loved to play music from their balcony overlooking the beach. Just last summer, Jonathan completed his B.A. in film and media from UCSB.
While music has always been part of his life, the construction jobs he’s held on the side have paid his bills. Repeatedly, Jonathan has acquired work from people he has met at construction sites and home improvement stores. That personable trait his mother described has opened many doors for him. Now, it appears Jonathan’s musical talent may take him the rest of the way.



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