Saugus Student Finds Voice at Young Age – Eddie Mendoza

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Closeup

When Eddie Mendoza was a young boy, he loved to be loud. However, it was not in the way most people might imagine. Eddie could be found at the top of his stairs belting out random opera notes.
At that time, Eddie’s father, singer Eduardo Alejandro, was taking voice lessons himself from Osvaldo Roval, an experienced vocal professional from Argentina known as the Tango Legend. He agreed to give Eddie a chance as a student after Eduardo begged him.
Osvaldo was impressed at the nine-year-old’s talent and discipline. The boy reminded him of the Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti at a young age. He worked with Eddie through the tough teen voice-changing years and helped him maintain his ability to hit some high notes.
Now 93, Osvaldo thinks of Eddie as a son and wishes him much success. “He has one of the best voices I have ever trained,” Osvaldo said.
Eddie’s passion for singing thrived in high school under the choir program, Osvaldo’s expertise, and his parents’ support. He auditioned for a chance to perform for the 2020 Saugus High School virtual graduation. It was something he had wanted to do for years.
Kaitlin Holt, the school’s choir director, was immensely proud of him for being chosen to sing. “Eddie puts a lot of emotion into his voice. Paired with his immaculate vocal technique, I was not surprised that he was chosen,” she said. “He is constantly looking for ways to do things for others, cheer people up, or extend kindness to a friend.”
Eddie chose Warrior by Demi Lovato because he felt the song had a lot of meaning after the heartbreaking school shooting that occurred last November. Kaitlin helped him tweak a few words to make the song perfect for the setting.
“I wanted the song to be something where people could feel strong and worthy. I wanted it to be about graduating and beginning a new chapter,” Eddie said. When he introduced himself on the graduation video, he told the students he also wanted to remind them all that they are strong warriors. “I wish you nothing but peace, love, and happiness Saugus seniors.”
Music has provided Eddie with healing when he has needed it.
“Singing lets me express myself. It allows me to be free and let myself go. It gives me a way to escape,” explained Eddie, who was one of six to be accepted into concert choir at Saugus High as a freshman and served as one of the choir presidents in his senior year.
Eddie, now 18, started at College of the Colleges this summer to get a jump start on his higher education. He is unsure whether he will teach music or go professional.
No matter the path, his father said Eddie has the family’s full support and resources if he wants to perform. “Eddie has a magical voice. He uses it to do good,” he said. “The family is very proud of him.”



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