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Combining a passion for piano and the arts, Oksana Kolesnikova has been all over the world utilizing her gift on the keys to deliver beautiful music to the masses. Born in Siberia and raised in Kazakhstan, she brings a worldly perspective to both her prowess on the piano and her many businesses. For Oksana, music is her passion and she continues to improve her craft while incorporating all that she has worked for and learned into her family life and relationships with her students.
Oksana was born in Siberia and raised by her parents, both of whom worked in education and who were instrumental in her musical study journey. “At an early age, my parents recognized my love for music and got me involved in the arts back home in Russia, and that was the catalyst which started me on my path…a path that, I am happy to report, has been laden with happiness and success,” explains Oksana.
In 1993, Oksana and her family moved to Florida, where she continued to explore and further develop her talents, a strategy that represented a precursor to pursuing a formal education in music. As she explains it: “After completing high school, I went on to study at St. Petersburg College, eventually receiving a full scholarship to Florida State University where I continued to study music and eventually received my degree.”
It was during this pursuit of higher education that Oksana met her husband-to-be, Alex, who has been a constant source of support – both in business and in life. “My husband became my artistic manager, and together we coordinated performances both nationally and internationally,” Oksana adds.
As a young thriving musician, Oksana Kolesnikova went on to perform around the world, garnering an impeccable reputation while playing for the U.S. Navy and United Nations officials. Bolstered by a massive amount of acclaim early in her career, she would soon be given an opportunity that yielded another impressive accomplishment: In 2009, she became a mom to a beautiful baby boy Alessandro, and this changed her trajectory in terms of traveling and performance schedules, ultimately leading her to focus on building a local business.
After the birth of their son, Oksana and Alex began strategizing a grass roots-style plan to launch this business, a decision that would transform into the Oksana Management Group (or OMG, Inc. for short).
Transitioning from a full-time performing artist to businesswoman and mother required Oksana and her family to relocate to the Los Angeles area in 2006; as Oksana explains: “This transformation from artist to entrepreneur has allowed me to share my artistic abilities and skills with audiences while being able to educate my students and run a successful business at the same time.”
With unwavering support from her family, Oksana is able to run her business and still remain true to her art. “I am fortunate enough that my immediate family members are just as involved in our day-to-day operations,” she says. “My husband and I are business and life partners, something very hard to find nowadays, and I spend a lot of time with my son, mentoring and educating him to be a young businessman…one who already has shown great promise as a budding entrepreneur.”
Businesswoman, renowned artist, wife and mother, Oksana is really able to do it all, spending as much time building her business as being a devoted wife to her husband and mother to her son Alessandro – who is already quite accomplished at just 11 years old. “This talented young man plays the piano amazingly well, and is a published author who recently released his second book,” adds Oksana. “I work with him so he may learn to follow his passions, making sure I prepare him for the ever-changing and sometimes unstable real world he will eventually find himself in.” The work she does with her son has been a big inspiration for her business model, and through OMG, Inc. she offers several programs to help countless families and students.

Oksana Management Group provides academic opportunities that are not normally offered via regular educational channels, such as piano lessons, guitar lessons, language lessons for those who want to learn Italian, Spanish or French, as well as academic tutoring that encompasses test preparation, math, tutoring and more. According to Oksana, this business model has proven to be effective and successful over the past 10 years, and the OMG team has reached the point of growing in scale – hence, the forward march to creating Oksana® Franchising International.
Working with the best franchise consultants, in late 2019 Oksana launched a successful franchise based on a proven business model.
Today, OMG offers several educational programs accessed via personal one-on-one sessions, (online and in-person, with social distancing.) They also work with several schools, school districts and municipalities to provide community classes/enrichment programs outside of school hours.
Through her dedication to helping grow the minds of the young, Oksana has more recently branched into philanthropy with her Oksana® Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities to underprivileged youth. “There are many children who are at a disadvantage, and now I can finally give back and help them to succeed in life by providing them the opportunities and tools to better themselves,” concludes Oksana. “I am really excited to make a positive change in people’s lives and look forward to doing so for years to come.”
Oksana Kolesnikova is, in more ways than one, embodying the essence of the American Dream.

Photos by Daniele Buccheri Films



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