Market Watch: How Marketing Plays a Huge Role in Real Estate

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Given the unprecedented state of the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and its side effects, the housing market has become a topic of significant focus in recent months. As the summertime season is coming to a close, we have seen a small shift in the real estate market here in the Santa Clarita Valley. At this time, we see the market geared towards sellers with low interest rate mortgages and a limited supply of homes. In the near future it is predicted that the market will again shift in the buyer’s direction so for sellers you are going to have to find creative ways to stand out from the rest.

In the age of social media and quick connections, marketing your home the right way has never been more important. Getting the word out about your home is a critical step to take towards finding a buyer and closing on a sale, which is why the importance of marketing cannot be understated, especially in the digital age we live in now.
Word of mouth, personal connections, online and print marketing methods are just a few of the ways sellers and their realtors can ensure their home is being viewed by the highest number of potential buyers possible. The more eyes that land on a photo of your home, the higher the chance that it will pique someone’s interest, and it’s (hopefully) all upwards from there!
Along with online listing sites, effective marketing of your home can be accomplished by taking advantage of social media. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram can help you establish a solid set of photos and attractive shots of your home to get the word out. Additionally, depending on how many contacts you and your realtor have, there’s a good chance that someone will come across a shared post of your home somewhere in the process, which can oftentimes lead to a conversation and then to a viewing…and the rest is history!
On the flip side, buyers rely a lot on effective marketing tactics to find their dream homes, too. It’s likely that, when browsing listings online or joining Facebook groups dedicated to local real estate, buyers will be far more likely to find a home that catches their eye. The same goes for seeing photos of a home on Twitter or on someone else’s profile – reaching buyers is a huge part of the marketing plan, too.
Marketing, as a whole, is incredibly important to ensuring that your home is reaching the highest amount of potential buyers out there. With a widespread following the right print and traditional marketing campaign can get your eyes to a larger amount.
In a world where connections and outreach mean everything, it’s important to prioritize marketing as part of your journey towards selling your home – don’t make the mistake of sweeping it under the rug!
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