The 2020 Fire Season in SCV

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Spotlight


by Tyra Ghamghamy

If you ask any Santa Clarita resident, they’ll tell you that it’s fire season all year round – at least, that’s what it’s felt like the last couple of years for the diligent firefighters working to keep our valley safe. From last year’s Tick Fire to the Lake Fire currently blazing its way through Castaic and outward, the fires in Santa Clarita are nothing short of frightening.. unless, of course, you’re one of the brave men and women battling the heat right now on the front lines.
Since the start of the 2020 summer season, there have been several fires all throughout Santa Clarita, which have had devastating consequences for residents all across the valley. There’s no doubt about whether or not fire season is a serious “side effect” of living in the area – that much we can all agree on. However, the key to navigating our way through the blazing heat and flames is preparation and quick responses, both of which the Los Angeles County Fire Department have dutifully exemplified summer after summer.
With 174 stations and 171 frontline engines, the Los Angeles County Fire Department is the agency that handles fires of all sizes not only in Santa Clarita but all of L.A. County. Though they may not always be the first on the scene, they are always ready to take on whatever daunting fires are waiting to greet them on the front lines.
Of course, it’s difficult to say just how many times the department has saved to preserve both the safety and beauty of Santa Clarita in the face of our fire seasons, but no matter how you look at it, the numbers are impressive. It’s difficult to imagine what our valley would look like without the aid of the men and women venturing into the flames year after year.
If you ask any of them, the best way to handle fire season is to take steps to prevent fires in the first place. Every year (and especially when the height of the heat comes around), the department places a heavy emphasis on “common sense” tips such as avoiding open flames in outdoor spaces and always keeping a fire extinguisher in the house, which can go a long way in preventing those dangerous flames that Santa Clarita has become all too familiar with.
As of August 28th, the largest fire within close proximity of Santa Clarita is the Lake Fire, which stands at 31,089 acres in size. The fire is currently 70% contained, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, who have battled the flames day and night since the fire’s start on August 12th. The fire is estimated to be fully contained by September 12th – a hopeful estimate as a result of the 700+ personnel assigned to the incident. Needless to say, the Lake Fire is simply the latest example of the fire department’s unending efforts to keep our city and its residents safe from the dangers of fires.