Healthy Eating Never Tasted So Good!

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Food & Wine

A New Year is here and with it comes the many resolutions people make. One of the top resolutions is to eat better for weight loss or general health. Many people turn to low or non-fat food options for this. But leading nutrition experts have called the once touted benefits of reduced fat offerings a myth and a disservice to public health. This is not new advice, in 2011 the Harvard School of Public Health published articles calling to end the low-fat myth.
While experts continue to recommend reducing or eliminating trans fats from diets, people are urged to include healthy full fat products as part of their daily eating. For those looking to lose weight, there is no new secret to doing this. Reducing caloric intake still remains the only way to lose weight. Reducing processed foods and foods containing refined sugars will help with this.
We like to focus on eating whole foods that are minimally processed as a way to eat healthier. When it comes to breakfast, this is often the most challenging meal of the day to prepare. Grabbing something readymade is easy to do and tempting.
The Newhall Farmers market hosts a variety of farmers and food artisans to help with this. When we are in a hurry or need to serve different tastes, we make breakfast toasts. This is a simple way to make something that is nutritious, healthy and the variations are endless.
For starters, Little’s Loaves and Booles bakes amazing artisan bread and English muffins. They use organic ingredients. All of their products go through a long fermentation period. This breaks down the gluten and the result is amazing breads that are easier to digest.
We view the bread as a blank canvas and other ingredients in the market as our palette. We almost always start our creation by adding butter, cheese or kefir from the Achadinha Cheese Company. The market is thrilled to host this 5th generation family dairy farm from Petaluma. Their products are handmade and a blend of goat and cow milk from their grass-fed animals.
The combination of goat and cow milk results in a full fat product that is exceptionally silky with no gamey taste. Their butter is hand churned. Their kefirs have no added sugar, they offer a plain that can be used as-is or fruit from one of our farmers can be added (we like to add passion fruit). They also offer fromage blanc, which is best compared with cream cheese.
For a sweeter version, we add farm direct berries grown year-round by Gutierrez Farms on the California central coast. The market also offers many varieties of local honey from Blue Ridge Honey. The honey industry is full of fraud, so the market works directly with beekeeper Dave and wife Wendi to bring us only the best.
For a savory breakfast toast, we love the smoked salmon lox sold at the market by West Coast Seafood. In business over 40 years, they bring the best seafood in Southern California to our market each week. Their lox is from Alaska and is from wild caught salmon.
If meat is your thing, the market is proud to bring pasture raised beef, pork, chicken and lamb to Santa Clarita each week. Harvest Gathering Farm has many wonderful sausage options and their bacon is the best we have ever had.
For some, no breakfast is complete without eggs. The market hosts three farmers that bring fresh eggs to Santa Clarita each week. The eggs come from chickens that live in conditions far exceeding those required by state law. One of our farmers offers pasture raised eggs.
We like to add greens to our toasts. We use fresh herbs such as mint, chives and especially microgreens which are a nutritional powerhouse.
To compliment your breakfast, we also offer fresh squeezed orange juice, made while you wait, using oranges from one of our farmers.
The Old Town Newhall Farmers Market is a certified farmers market bringing Santa Clarita true farm direct produce and the finest food products available in Santa Clarita. It operates year round, every Saturday from 8:30am until 1:00pm rain or shine. It is located in the parking lot of the Old Town Newhall Library at 24500 Main Street in Newhall. For more information, visit

While it’s fun to create your own breakfast toast, we offer up a recipe for two of our favorites.

Black garlic wheat bread
Fromage blanc
Fresh chives
Fresh tomatoes
One Egg
Directions: Toast bread to desired doneness. Spread a layer of fromage blanc on toast. Top with tomatoes and one cooked egg. Top with microgreens and dust with fresh chopped chives.

English muffin.
Plain kefir
Fresh mint
Fresh berries
Directions: Toast English muffin to desired doneness. Chop mint and add to kefir. Spread thin layer of mint/kefir mix on muffin. Top with berries. Drizzle with honey and top with more mint.


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