MFG Spotlight: 3D International LLC

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Spotlight

3D International was a part of the STREAM Global Innovations Manufacturing Day (MFG).
“The products we manufacture make people smile because they can see the results right away – we’ve changed many people’s lives.”
At 3D International, making a difference in the lives of everyday people is what matters most to people like Juan De Rada, a General Manager at the company. Since 1996, 3D International has focused on doing what they do best: bringing smiles and satisfaction to the faces of their customers day after day.
3D International LLC is a company that manufactures high quality detailing products, and they put a heavy emphasis on their high safety and compliance standards. Day in and day out, the employees at 3D International pay more attention to delivering their very best to consumers, which involves a significant amount of teamwork, cooperation and dedication.
De Rada was just one of countless 3D International employees who was forced to make a series of adjustments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As he puts it, he had to make decisions far more quickly and learn to deal with longer wait times and, overall, a delay in their production times in exchange for ensuring the safety of the employees that he worked with every day. The changes took place on an international level, too – when their manufacturing partners here in the U.S. couldn’t keep up with the demand due to COVID-19, 3D International had to turn to their partners in Europe to fill the gaps.
“As a company, we stand out because we not only innovate and update our regular products, but we’re constantly working to improve the quality and efficiency of the way we work,” De Rada says. “Now that people are more conscious about their health, we’re looking to be the company that can provide them with solutions to help.”
To date, 3D International manufactures a variety of products, including soaps, cleaners, air fresheners, and glass cleaners as well as specialty products, including the highly sought-after hand sanitizers, which came as a result of the pandemic’s peak earlier this year.
Before the pandemic, De Rada started his day with a cheerful “good morning” and a greeting to all of his colleagues before heading into the brunt of his workday. His day to day activities included meeting with the plant manager to discuss orders, raw materials, and the day’s production schedule.
That all changed very quickly back in March. Towards the end of the month, De Rada and the other lead staff had to ask people to work from home, which was a significant change for him – it meant that the atmosphere of in-person collaboration and teamwork had come to an end, at least temporarily.
As a whole, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced De Rada and 3D International as a whole to reconfigure their production mindset – in addition to learning how to work in completely new conditions, they’ve also had to adjust to the new demands of their consumer base. In addition to their more recent gel and spray hand sanitizers, they’ve also started working on producing an EPA approved disinfectant that will soon hit the market for homes, hotels, offices, and cars.
In the coming months, 3D International has plans to continue down their path of innovation and prioritization of their customers. For now, De Rada will work alongside all of his other employees to ensure that, even in the face of the pandemic’s unprecedented adversity, they’ll continue to develop and deliver what their consumers need most. 



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