The Mysticism Behind Mystic Hills Vineyard

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I met Judy and Joel Cox over a decade ago when I volunteered for the non-profit dedicated to assisting Santa Clarita women and named after Judy’s mother, the Betty Ferguson Foundation. (Judy’s passion and hard work made our publishers think of her for this Women in Business issue.) Joel, an Academy Award winning film editor, is known for working with Clint Eastwood for over 40 years. Fast forward a few years and the Coxes were embarking on a new journey: starting a winery.
When they bought land in San Miguel, bordering both Paso Robles and Monterey, it didn’t take them long to plant their vineyard. In the early years as their publicist we shared news of their awards in wine competitions, some that coincided with Joel’s Oscar nominations and wins. Their wines have only continued to impress.
They offer wines priced between $28 to $60. Their 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé “H.E.A.R.T.S.” (each letter is the first initial of each of their six grandchildren) and Malbec Reserve have sold out. They currently offer 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon; 2015 and 2014 Gran Trio blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot; 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015 Unforgiven powerhouse blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot and Malbec; and 2011 Sequel blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot.
Love of The Land – In Judy’s words: This goes deeper than words that can express our love for our land. We are aware of the request to care for our land. Taking dominion means to us to care for our soil. When we decided to plant vines this soil was perfect for our grapes. We did not need anything to make it work. This land has been here forever and we respect the love that went in to create it.
We do not fertilize, and mow only to drop fruit we don’t need. We do not spray we allow insects to come in, and as we watch, they care for each other. To spray means to us that we are taking away the ability for our land to care for itself. We realize we are small so it is easy to watch as the insects do what they are supposed to do.
How we love our land. – We are from a generation still in need to be a part of the rhythm of the land. Our love for our family and wine club members have been growing each and every moment in this journey. We are aware that we need each other to thrive, grow and be able to help whenever we can.
We love to give. – This is what brings joy. Joy comes from inside and it is the greatest feeling. It comes from inside of us. One day we will be able to send our members a gift of wine to each and every one, to show the strength of our love. This kind of love comes from family experiences. Eve knows some of these experiences. Finally, the love of our soil is what brings life to us. 
Family Club Members – Again, from Judy: Our Family Wine Club Members that live in beautiful Santa Clarita were the first to believe in us. They support us through the good times and the harder times. Our motto for this year is “Live Life With Clarity 2020”. Santa Clarita without a doubt has the power to heal people with just a smile. This kind of love goes deep into the heart of a person so that they feel valued, worthy, loved and safe. This is our passion and we are learning from all of you. You are the gift to us. We love you, Joel, Judy and Family.
From Facebook – Mystic Hills Vineyard is a boutique vineyard nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of San Miguel, California. We are blessed with crisp mornings acquired from the Pacific Ocean influence, and hot days soothed by the cooler afternoon winds. This climate, with the beneficial temperature swings, helps to create superior fruit for our wines. Our grapes are hand-picked and sorted by each varietal and our wines spend more than two years in oak barrels to ensure consistent balance and character. Please call or email us to order wine. Owner Joel Cox is an Academy Award winning Film Editor who brings his professional and creative love of film to his wine. His meticulous and diligent eye for a well-crafted scene in a movie is brought to life in our beautiful, extraordinary wines that will surely captivate your palette and produce a memorable experience for you to embrace. a posse ad esse ~ from possibility to reality.
For more information go to or call 805-610-1099 or email them at
Eve Bushman has a Level Two Intermediate Certification from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), a “certification in first globally-recognized course” as an American Wine Specialist ® from the North American Sommelier Association (NASA), Level 1 Sake Award from WSET, was the subject of a 60-minute Wine Immersion video (over 16k views), authored “Wine Etiquette for Everyone” and has served as a judge for the Long Beach Grand Cru and the Global Wine Awards. You can email to ask a question about wine or spirits. 


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