Ultimate Female Educator Oksana Kolesnikova (Oksana® Management Group, Inc.)

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Renowned pianist and entrepreneur’s talent, beauty, personality and educational prowess evolves to professional phase poised to encompass speaking engagements and business consulting.
Not too many people can do what Siberia-born, Santa Clarita-based Oksana® Kolesnikova has accomplished in a relatively short amount of time, which includes becoming an internationally-recognized music artist/performer and building and operating three successful companies – the Oksana® Management Group, Oksana® Franchising International and the Oksana® Foundation. In bringing two decades of experience to the table, the fusion of Oksana’s talent, beauty, personality and educational prowess has evolved to a new professional phase, one poised to encompass speaking engagements and business coaching/consulting.
Now available to mentor small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike in the areas of day-to-day management, goal setting and planning, motivation, marketing tactics and much more, Oksana is gearing up to be a true tour-de-force on the public speaking and business counseling scene.
“From pianist and performer extraordinaire to mentor and business coach/consultant, Oksana® remains the true representation of the American Dream, and this evolutionary growth will only enhance her sharp, witty and excitement-fueled approach to all things business,” says a senior representative of Oksana® Management Group, Inc.“Beyond the reality of a remarkable and inspiring success story as a female immigrant who endured against all odds, she still boasts an infinite repertoire of delightful piano masterpieces composed solely on her own – proving that Oksana® can thrill and mesmerize any audience like few can.
“Oksana® is now available for select speaking engagements and business consulting anywhere in the U.S., abroad or online. Indeed, we consider Oksana® a ‘triple threat’ of greatness, what with her talent, beauty/personality and educational prowess coming together to create the perfect storm of success.”
Making this endeavor unique is the fact that Oksana® is including a piano performance with any of the speaking engagements ventures, an approach designed to fuse high-end entertainment with practical education and personal motivation.
Starting with the Oksana® Management Group, (OMG, Inc.) this Los Angeles-based education service, lifestyle support agency and tutoring business began providing exceptional solutions to youth in the Beverly Hills, Santa Clarita, Agoura Hills, South Bay and the Greater Los Angeles areas since its inception and founding by Oksana® Kolesnikova, and with countless satisfied clients throughout Southern California and online – including a formidable roster of sponsors – the organization quickly became the educational entity of choice amongst busy families who required personalized experiences.
Whether it’s tutoring, learning a new language or beginning or continuing musical instruction, OMG, Inc. was specially-crafted by Oksana® herself to help any ambitious learner in their pursuit of better education. The company has gone on to win the 2013 and 2014 Best of Beverly Hills Business Award, an accolade that reflects its international reputation for excellence, particularly in the areas of foreign languages and music instruction. More recently, Oksana® was just nominated ‘’Ultimate Female Educator” of the Santa Clarita valley.
In continuing to flex her business expertise muscle, Oksana launched her Oksana® Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides underprivileged youth with academic and educational programs, yielding access to educational opportunities for children so their talents can be nurtured, cultivated and utilized in order to create “positive and lasting changes in the world around them.”
Likewise, Oksana® Franchising International has become another successful endeavor for the multi-talented Oksana® Kolesnikova, offering interested entrepreneurs a way to help make strides in the remote learning, e-learning and work-from-home sectors – even during the pandemic. These franchising opportunities for the Oksana® Enrichment Programs allows franchisees to work safely from home without the need for dedicated office space, the business system is currently available in 35 states.
Taking all this experience, background and hands-on expertise into account, it can be said that Oksana® Kolesnikova is actually transcending the American Dream – entering and engaging in fresh endeavors to wholly strengthen her underlying ability to take businesses and entrepreneurs to dizzying new heights.
For more information please visit the website: www.oksanamanagementgroup.com or give us a call: 661-310-1177