Ultimate Female Lawyer Susy Owen (Owen Patterson & Owen)

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Owen, Patterson and Owen is the premiere law firm in the Los Angeles county area specializing in auto, motorcycle and truck accidents, as well as other personal injury cases. They have gained notoriety amongst their peers and the clients they serve, setting a high precedent in the legal field by winning millions of dollars for their clients. Their dedication to service is a key component in their business practices, making sure each client is provided with three essential things: experience, integrity and results. Owen, Patterson and Owen has become a powerhouse in and out of the courtroom ensuring they dedicate 110 percent to cases, utilizing various resources to help them get desired results. The firm is led by managing partner Susan Owen who plays a vital role in the success of the firm.
Susan grew up in the San Fernando Valley where she excelled in academics and ultimately got accepted to the University of California Los Angeles. Here she continued to strive for excellence and graduated cum laude in 1986. Her dedication carried over into law school. She attended Hastings Law School where she contributed as an author for the Hastings International and Comparative Law Journal. Her article examined the disparate treatment of children of unwed parents in the United States and in the (then) Soviet Union and gained much respect amongst her fellow students and faculty. When she began to practice law, it was still considered a man’s world but despite the obstacles, her devotion to helping others and interest in the law made her even more determined to succeed.
Susan began her career with litigating cases at the Century City firm of Gibbs, Giden, Locher & Fleming. During this time, she was in charge of several hundred cases, which she handled from start to finish. Here, Susan honed her skills in persuasive writing and innovative case strategies which has gained much esteem in the legal community. When she started, she was determined and refused to accept that women could not reach the same levels of success as their male counterparts. This precedent has shaped her efforts when it comes to cases where women or other minorities have received unfair treatment in the workplace because of their gender or race. Over the next few years, Susan found her niche in the personal injury legal field and has spent the past 25 years giving her all when it comes to clients. For her prowess and skill in the courtroom she has garnered much recognition and praise to include being named one of the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100, a Super Lawyer, and most recently the Ultimate Female Lawyer by this publication. She handles all areas of personal injury , from automobile accidents to mass torts involving thousands of plaintiffs. Most recently, Susan has represented hundreds of victims involved in the Route 91 shooting in Las Vegas.
Although Susan hasa very busy law practice, , she still makes time for family and her community., She enjoys spending time with her husband Greg Owen and their six children. They ar long time residents of the Santa Clarita and are active in numerous charities. For several years, they have provided pro bono legal services to William S. Hart Baseball and Softball, where all of their children have played.
Let Susan and her team help you get the results you want. Call Owen,Patterson and Owen today and see why they have become one of the top personal injury firms in the state: 661-799-3899.