Garden Themed with a Rustic Touch – Alexis & Daniel Infantozzi

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Bridal

What day did you get married?
October 23, 2020

Where did you get married?
Temecula, Ca

How long have you been together?
6 years

What is your favorite memory together?
Well now it’s our wedding day! Before that, probably our trip to Cancun in 2018.

What do you both
do for a living?
Daniel is a bartender and he’s also in nursing school. I am a dance teacher.

Who said “I love you first”?
Daniel- It was an accident and just slipped out. We both laughed about it and then I said “I love you too”

The Proposal
I’m a dance teacher and our studio puts on two dance recitals a year. It was our spring recital and the owner of my studio told me that we needed to dress nice because at the end of the recital all of the teachers were going to go on stage and have a photo taken. I didn’t think much of this because things like this aren’t uncommon. The final bows ended, and I was waiting on the side of the stage getting ready to walk on stage for our “photo” when out of nowhere “Hard to Concentrate” started playing (this is Daniel and I’s song) Up to the stage walks Daniel playing guitar and singing the song!!
Not only was that crazy enough but my students had a pre-choreographed dance that they were doing in the background during the whole thing! Once he finished the song he got down on one knee and asked! I immediately said YES and the whole crowd erupted with cheer. There were 300+ people in the audience including my whole family.
When it was over all of my students ran up to me at once crying their eyes out and hugging me. It was the most amazing moment of my life I couldn’t believe that it was planned out so well for weeks without me knowing and so many people were in on it!

How was it getting married during a pandemic?
It was stressful. When you dream of your wedding you never imagine that it would get postponed because of a pandemic. We were only 7 weeks away from our original date when the world shut down. Everything was planned, paid for and ready to go. We ended up having to reschedule twice before we finally decided to move forward with our October date. It was hard to come to terms with the fact that we would have to limit our guests to only immediate family and some changes would have to be made, but we knew we didn’t want to wait anymore. We wanted to be married and start our lives together.
What is your most favorite thing about each other?
My favorite thing about Daniel is his silly and outgoing personality. He always makes me laugh and can make anything fun.
My favorite thing about Alexis is that she makes me want to be a better person and accepts me for who I am.
What was the theme of your wedding?
Outdoor- Garden themed with a rustic touch- lots of flowers and greenery. (It ended up working out that I always dreamed of an outdoor wedding because of the limitations)
Did you have a special officiant, i.e a family member, best friend?
Our officiant, Paul Hoover is a pastor and the music director at our church, Valencia Hills Community Church. We knew right away we wanted him to officiate our wedding because he is not only funny and well-spoken, but he understands our relationship and the Christian values we hold.

Photos by Brittany Miller



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